Edge: Will Monster Hunter 3 Woo Japan?

It was hard to miss the system-selling potential of the series when a line of PSPs waited patiently to play pretty much the same thing on a Wii, and it was certainly noticed by the SCE executives who made the short walk over from the Square Enix booth to marvel at the hubbub.

Few non-believers will be swayed by the basics of Monster Hunter 3. This is a straight series installment that concentrates on the core experience while playing around with some of the Wii hardware's possibilities. Most notably, it's quite beautiful. Capcom may have leaped to the forefront of Wii development if the long draw distances and lighting are anything to go by, despite the company's insistence that the demo featured incomplete visuals.

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LokMessier3658d ago

Well being that the words Monster and Hunter with 3 at the end, including the country it's going to. I would have to say that it is a definite yes, I mean I'm sure most people have heard of the long lines during the time of Monster Hunter 2Gs release for the PSP, I don't think it being on the Wii will be much different [ of course I can always be proven wrong, but the fact that it's a monster hunter title I think it will still get a huge line of people... ]