Square Enix Publishing Persona 4 In Europe, Says "Merry Xmas" With My Pet Shop

Siliconera writes: Square Enix Europe is "climbing the stairway to maturity". That's a Persona 4 joke - you'll understand it soon - even if you're in Europe. European gamers won't have to wait long to play Persona 4 either. Square Enix Europe publish Persona 4 without the Shin Megami Tensei brand in "spring 2009? according to their European news letter. Also they are taking care of three Nippon Ichi games in the region: Disgaea 3, Rhapsody DS, and Disgaea DS.

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3sq3631d ago

Basically they can't produce great RPGs anymore(except remakes and ports) so they decided just to publish great RPGs of others instead? what a JOKE.

BananaSlug3631d ago

one notch below MS's strategy: if you cant make them, you buy them

Baba19063631d ago

yay very cool =D . cant wait.