EDGE: Call of Duty World at War Review

For those fearing that WWII is expended as a setting for an FPS, World At War manages to introduce subtle change to the formula. While you're used to being pitted in such against-the-odds battles against dug-in foes as Normandy landings and desperate defences of Stalingrad, World At War instead presents your enemies in headlong flight, and you and your allies victoriously pursuing them.

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jammy_703658d ago

i dont how people can give this game a 6, while some give it a 10

well is it a 6 or a 10????

this review is probz someones opinion, they probz dont like FPS

Cysquatch3658d ago

Its EDGE. Nuff said. They are clueless attention whores. If you like COD4, you'll like WaW. Its at least an 8 in my book.


FACEPALM.......... I BOYCOUT EDGE......... (-_-)