WorthPlaying Review: A Kingdom for Keflings

WorthPlaying: "The introduction of downloadable titles to the current batch of home consoles has brought about some great games that you normally don't see happening outside of the PC sector. Despite being from completely different genres, these games all share one common trait: They bring fun to some unusual scenarios. For example, the Nintendo Wii got some good, inventive games through the WiiWare service with titles like Lost Winds and World of Goo. The PlayStation 3 has used its PSN store to get games like flOw and PixelJunk Eden. With titles like Braid and Eets: Chowdown, the Xbox 360 has seen its share of quirky but amazingly fun games. To celebrate the launch of the NXE, the team at NinjaBee decided to release A Kingdom for Keflings, which is a bit strange at first glance but ends up being one of the more enjoyable experiences in recent memory.

If one were to classify A Kingdom for Keflings, it would fall somewhere between the strategy and simulation genres, much like the Sims series. As the benevolent giant of the land, you are immediately tasked with helping to build a town or a tiny race of beings known as Keflings. By teaching the Keflings how to gather materials or by gathering them yourself, you gain blueprints to build structures and get the pieces together that would be needed to construct them. Creating buildings opens up more building blueprints and brings in more Keflings to help get what you need. Ultimately, the goal is to create a proper kingdom for the Keflings by building a castle."

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