GTA IV Arrives In India

The Angry Pixel writes: "All the naysayers, doubters and the loads of people pissed off at not having seen GTA IV for the PC in India yet, read and rejoice, for we hold in our hands the first two copies of the game to be officially launched in the country. One's for Jay to own, cuddle, stroke and love from now until eternity and the other's an official review copy that we got today morning from the distributor, e-Xpress Interactive."

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ShiftyLookingCow3631d ago

I might be wrong but the packaging looks a little cheap. But who cares about that, when its just the same game.

TheIneffableBob3631d ago

The packaging looks pretty normal to me.

buckethead_9113631d ago

Its really really cheap btw. The price is Rs.499...which is just around $11...or $ 10.0993 USD to be exact.


devilhunterx3631d ago

pirates already played it

Yoma3631d ago

dublicated news.. why do I see this often? Even if I send news that's almost like something else, but just like confrimed rumor, it get failed to approve.

dadeisvenm3631d ago

did they leave in all the Burger Shot restaurants? Technically "burgers" are synonymous with beef. Does anyone know?

ShiftyLookingCow3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

let blissful ignorance prevail! Leather shoes are mostly made from cow hide but indians wear leather shoes just like everyone else. , I guess I should have already eaten a lot of holy cows by now.