SBG: Animal Crossing: City Folk review


"There are a few minor improvements as well, such as importing a character and (most of) its catalog from AC:WW, widescreen support, being able to send letters to friends in other towns, or posting pictures to your Wii Message Board, but those are the big four. On the surface, nothing much has changed from the 2002 GameCube release, and some people will undoubtedly complain about this. While there indeed is still room for improvement (I would have liked to have seen more interaction between City Folk and Wild World, for example), the rest of us will quickly find ourselves once again caught in the strangely-compelling grip of "virtual yard work" and the Zen-like bliss of a game with no actual goal. Animal Crossing was a title that appealed to all ages and almost every type of gamer, and City Folk continues that tradition on the console that is widening those categories every month."

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