GamingExcellence: Soul Bubbles Review

GamingExcellence writes: "A round of applause for the new kids on the block. No, not that boy-band from the 90's, but for Mekensleep, the independent developer of Soul Bubbles, a puzzle game published by Eidos Interactive for the Nintendo DS. It is a solid first effort packed with innovative design and gameplay. If it is a sign of things to come, than we should all wait in anticipation for whatever Mekensleep puts out next. But, first things first.

When Soul Bubbles begins, you take the role of an apprentice Spirit Herder under the tutelage of the Master, the greatest spirit herder of all-time. At the beginning of each level, your job is to guide the lost spirits to the Gateway Cubes under the protection of a mystical bubble. Along the way, as you uncover more and more of the map, you'll encounter various obstacles that will impede your progress or even pop your bubble, putting your spirits at risk of being trapped in limbo forever. While the narrative isn't exactly riveting, it functions well enough to set up the overall tone, style and design of the game. But the primary reason to play Soul Bubbles isn't for the story, it's for the overall game design and gameplay which starts strong and continues to develop in surprisingly fun ways as you work your way through the game."

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