Grand Theft Auto IV (PC) - Video Graphics Analysis

There is kind of confusion, how sliders and various settings influence the visual quality of PC version. We have compared and analysed every setting in this video, enjoy!

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PenisaurisDix3633d ago

But still, the people who say GTA sucks completely mystify me. To me, it's game of the year.

akaFullMetal3633d ago

to me it got repeitive, go here work for this guy, kill some people and then end up killing the guy who hired you. Then do the same thing for this person, and kill him. It was the same thing over and over, and then it got annoying as hell, people calling you every 5 minutes trying while you are trying to do a mission.
Just saying it got boring fast for me, i only got about 30 percent, and haven't touched it since.

free2game3653632d ago

The way that Rockstar set up the configs just sounds idiotic to me. a lot of features are tied to the resolution, so the more intense the visuals the higher the res, instead of keeping to resolution and things like shadow map res, shader settings, ect separate.