Rein defends console patches

Epic Games' Mark Rein has defended the console shift towards patching and post-release downloads, arguing that it's "not a bad thing".

For a start, he thinks downloadable content is important to a game's extended lifespan. "The Long Tail, I guess you could call it. The downside is that people will say, 'we've brought PC-style patching to console.' But that's not a bad thing, to be able to fix something you didn't get quite right, or create new types of gameplay..."

Speaking in an interview with Wired, he added that he felt the hard disk was crucial. "I'm glad people have hard drives and the ability to download new content," he explained. "We've very much applauded Sony for having the hard drive on every single [PlayStation 3].

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PS360WII4304d ago

so it's not a bad thing to release an unfinished game? wow awesome

TheMART4304d ago

I agree with him.

In the early days we got games with errors also, but they were never improved. Plus, the games these days are so much more complex then those 2D animations back then. There are corners, places that maybe with intensive testing won't be found, while millions of gamers will always be able to find that one error that hundreds of testers couldn't find.

Which is pretty logical. I am glad that patching now excists.

dantesparda4304d ago (Edited 4304d ago )

You mean that you are glad that they now exist on consoles right? cuz they've been existed on PC's. Yeah i rather have them too, they are not a bad thing, and its not that they game isnt finished, but rather like Mart said, you cant find them (the bugs) all, within their given amount of time.

Dusk4304d ago

There have been countless patches that deal directly with MP gameplay. Tweaking weapons, stopping cheaters, adding functionality to menus, etc. While patching does allow developers to do less quality assurance, it also allows for gameplay tweaking, new levels, new skins, etc. Personally, I'd rather have it than not. If you research any game before you buy it, you can find out if it's got bugs/glitches before you buy. You can then wait until the game gets patched before you spend your money. No big deal.

hells henchman4304d ago

i love and appreciate what the gaming world has done over the past few years. the visuals and gameplay for ALL systems makes it a great time to be a gamer. BUT............ it seems we're getting into a nasty pattern of releasing UNTESTED or NOT COMPLETED material with a mentality of "we'll just slap a patch on it later to fix it". i got an idea, how bout i give you 30 dollars for your game and pay you the rest in a few months. no? i did'nt think so.

dissectionalrr4304d ago

it's bad when you release patches that make my 360 freeze then don't own up to the problem after tons of people report the problem on epic's forum.

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