DailyGame: SOCOM: Confrontation Review

DailyGame writes: "The SOCOM series has finally made its debut on the PS3, although not exactly how SOCOM vets might have expected. With Slant Six taking the reins from Zipper Interactive, SOCOM Confrontation is an online-only affair, with seven maps and several styles of gameplay that will be instantly familiar to SOCOM fans. Although some might argue that the online-only game was a covert way to sell the impressive Bluetooth headset, which comes bundled with the game and thus makes the software cost only $10, there's plenty of fun to be had in SOCOM: Confrontation if you give it some time.

The maps themselves are quite dazzling and interactive, with one of them requiring you to locate and turn a valve at the top of the enemies' base in order to reveal the area in which you must plant the bomb. Other maps have you breaching walls and things of that nature, and depending on the map, you even have the option to swim into the base."

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