Wii Falls Behind 2007 Totals By Five Hundred Eighty Thousand Units

Japan - Looks like the Wii is down by more than half a million units in one year, considerably worse than the PS3. Is the Wii losing momentum, is this a normal market-leader occurrence, or is this the result of a horrible holiday lineup?

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Citizen Cook3334d ago

Please let this be the beginning of the Wii's slip!
Let the numbers continue to drop. Please!!!!!!!!!!!

Arsenal4Ever3334d ago

PS3 had a price cut last year.


Any bad news for the wii is good news for me......

PS360 FTW.

Genesis53333d ago (Edited 3333d ago )

This is bound to happen to any console that only has a couple of games that are actually worth playing.

Product3333d ago

Yet they had a record October for any console ever this year.Nintendo is doing fine.

mikeslemonade3333d ago

PS3 is the only of the 3 systems to increase sales without a price drop. And that prooves the PS3 software blu-ray and games are very strong. 360 had to drop price and Wii didn't drop price obviously and didn't sell as much as they did last year.

Mini Mario3333d ago

"1.1 -
Any bad news for the wii is good news for me......

PS360 FTW."

That is so sad....

Maxned3333d ago

The ps3 had a price cut and it needed it terribly because it costed 600$ and it was slouching behind the wii and 360.
Sony dropped the price to 400$ and now it is selling well.
Remember that?

ofx3603333d ago

I think any console would lose momentum if it sold a bajillion copies every week.

fredy3333d ago (Edited 3333d ago )

looks at MS,LBP, R2 and Socom....hahah somebody got jokes..

ShinMaster3333d ago

I'm a Nintendo fan, but seriously, wtf with the Wii!?
And not the Wii as much as its games. This year was really poor. After Mario Galaxy and Brawl....for the rest of the entire year, it's just been really crappy, with random games with poor excuses to use the nun-chucks coming out.

Side-scrolling Mario, please come back! The DS version was good.

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PantherLotus3334d ago

This probably has something to do with:

1. The economy
2. Casuals not buying games when they don't have money.
3. Everybody knows that hardcore gamers continue to buy consoles even if they don't have money, which is why the PS3 and 360 are hurting less from last year.

ThatArtGuy3334d ago

I am sooooo tired of that pic of Miyamoto.

Austin_SJ3334d ago

everyone in japan already has 2?

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