New Killzone 2 footage: Ambush, Boss Fight

Gamersyde has released a batch of new Killzone 2 videos taken from the latest preview build doing the rounds, showcasing footage of various highlights including new weapons to the game's hellish boss fights.


Correction: These videos were put up by and not Gamersyde.

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hazeblaze3634d ago

Yea, I liked the hint that the game will have 'real' boss fights unlike a lot of other fps's... this looked better than most of the boss fights in R2 to me. It has a MGS strategic feel to it... not really as deep as MGS boss fights, but it's more than just shoot & kill, which is cool.


yea i just could of sworn that he just sniped two helghast heads off

jammy_703634d ago

it would taste so gooooooooooood!


Forget the robot.Just look at the bcak groung effects,I dont think i will be able to play this game.This is one of those games that i will be looking at the graphics in the middle of a fight.In the beta i have gotten killed so many times because i was looking at the sky and the throwing bombs to the pilars so i can see the lovely destruction effects.

BananaSlug3634d ago

looks like i will be enjoying this game on a 40" bravia


lol i know right, in the middle of a battle and your looking at the groud, creaming your pants

Elimin83634d ago (Edited 3634d ago )

Yeah.... Me too.. although i still get a couple shots in...

thereapersson3634d ago

I wonder why the frame rate is so bad in a couple of those vids? I hope it's just the way they're encoded and the streaming app...

beavis4play3634d ago

when gamersyde first put these vids out, i downloaded them. they play great for me.

HighDefinition3634d ago

Videos almost always stutter, it`s annoying.

Mainly cause they always have great vids, I just started D/L them like Beavis. I suggest them same for you Reaper.

hazeblaze3634d ago

None of the vids skipped and stuttered for me.

WANNA GET HIGH3634d ago (Edited 3634d ago )

I am in the beta and it has some fram rate problems.I saw what u mean,i hope they polish it very well before relase.Even tho i dont care to be honest,i have played games with frame rates problems and i still enjoyed them.Nothing is stoping me from buying this game,not even if IGN gives it 1/10....

thereapersson3634d ago

Agreed. This really is one of those games that I'm going to buy whether or not it gets crap ratings (which I HIGHLY doubt it will). I have to support Guerrilla Games for making such a showcase of technology and atmospherics.

shysun3634d ago

The Beta was online, It's not frame rate issues online bro.....It's called LAG!That's the servers, not the games frame rate. lol In every review they say the frame rate(single player) is 30fps and smooth. Just read the reviews.......

hazeblaze3634d ago

I'm in the beta and I've NEVER had any framerate issues... I've only played one or two games that had lag, but that does come up occassionally. That should be addressed by the release though.

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The story is too old to be commented.