Gaming Pet Peeves: 8 Piss-Offs That Must Go!


"While video games continue to push boundaries to dazzle and amaze us each year, I'm getting sick of some trends that simply won't die. Many of these brilliant new games use the same features that might have seemed innovative back in their day, but are not anymore. While each person has their own gaming pet hates, these are my top 8. May these game faults lose their seeming immortality and die a horrible death, never to be resurrected again."

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Godem3633d ago

woooot! agreed! somethings have just gotta be culled off!

gaminoz3633d ago

I hate when games use artificial ways to lengthen their games like having to go back through levels or massive spawning points.

cayal3632d ago

I hate when a 10 level game has 5 levels, you just play every level twice (DMC4, Star Wars - FU).

XboxOZ3603633d ago

As I'm playing FC2 ATM, i'm finding that achievements don't comet hat easy in the SP mode, which is FINE by me. I want to feel like I've earned them, not "given" then for doing something clutssy or stupid.

Sure there are the oddities here and there, but not like 'some' games that simply reward you for the sake of rewards. One of my BIGGEST Huge Pet-Peeves which i would have thought would be in there is making so many games that reward you for insane online and MP achievements, at the cost of the SP mode.

Some have 2/3rds of all achievements for MP only, making it IMPOSSIBLE for anyone who simply wants to enjoy the SP game without having to go online or play with screaming-me-mes across the globe. Stop making MP the be-all-and-end-all of gaming - PLEASE . Gaming started out as a single player style of entertainment, with co-op following along . . now it seems if you play SP, then many do not consider you a gamer - yeah right.

jollygoodchap83633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

I mean what are people supposed to do if they have a crappy connection, don't have LIVE, no router, or no internet at all? They're screwed for those achievements/trophies, plain and simple.

Not only that, what if the game's MP sucks and barely anyone goes on? What if the servers suck and lag is all over the place(darkness)? If the matchmaking is terrible? What happens then? They shut down the servers and call it quits. Everyone is screwed for those achievements now.

When was the last time you seen anyone on the Prey, Turok, Darkness, Dark Sector, F.E.A.R. mutiplayer, etc....?

There are a ton of games where I haven't got all the achievements/trophies due to a crappy connection, or I didn't wanna waste my time trying to kill 100,000 people on a mediocre MP, or kill 16 people all at once online with one grenade or something ridiculous like that.

The Call of Duty's got it right, you can get all the achievement/trophies without even having to go online. CoD's online has its own online achievement type system, so no one really complains about that.

I think online achievement/trophies are lame.

EDIT: Online only games are an exception of course :)

Immortal Kaim3633d ago

I agree Jolly, I really don't appreciate 3/4 of the achievements/trophies being focused on the online component. As you said, when everyone abandons an online community, you basically can't get them any more.

gaminoz3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

Yeah jollygoodchap....How about the Bond game being online multi only. PHwewt.

Acj23233633d ago

those are some good points that should defiantly not be in games, its the little things that build up and really tick you off!

gaminoz3633d ago

Yeah I hate those loading screens that don't let you know how long you have until it is done. Actually I hate long loading screens full stop. Smoking Snake or not....

NaiNaiNai3633d ago

[breaths in]
*starts rant*
funny, those things are in alot of games, and the game is still just fine. most games with massive framerate slow down suck eitherway with or without it. exploding barrels are so usufull, anyone who got in on the RE5 demo knows what i mean, while artificially making a game longer, like PoP, with the light seeds, is annoying at times, im happy they did, cause i went out and explored the world and i saw how much detail they actually put into the game. and not all games reward you for failing, most of the time those are secret spots that your talking about, there are plenty of spots you can die. *anyone how wants to talk about PoP not dying, you are in truth, you just dont have a load screen, your load is like her grabing you cause you go back to the spot before, which gets long on some of the longer runs.* graphics over gameplay, >.> gears 2 amazing, MGS4, amazing, and they both look amazing. some people like those "pointless" side quests, like myself i enjoyed doing those stupid deliver the ramen quests in naruto rise of a ninja. most games over skippible cut scenes, if not on the first run then usually on the second. most games with a shallow story, don't need to be played. >.> not to mention arn't books for storys, games of for gameplay. you have to make sacrifices somewhere. while loading screens without timers or bars can be annoying with load times getting cut lower and lower in most games, devs don't even bother with it cause its just a wast of time.
*ends rant*
and no i do not proof read.

Lich1203633d ago

I was gonna comment on that whole graphics over gameplay bit because the three games they show were all excellent games. Plus Ive noticed that usually the most impressive graphics come from the best studios because they have money not only to have great artists but also great designers.

Gears 2, Crysis, and MGS4 were all excellent and beautiful. While Crysis wasn't anything revolutionary in terms of gameplay, the beauty of the game lent itself to feeling very immersed (which is the most important part of a shooter imo.)

comm133633d ago

I came here for the picture :)

NaiNaiNai3633d ago

XD thats what caught my eye, and then i made the stupid mistake to read the page.

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