Star Ocean: The Last Hope Spans 3 DVDs

Siliconera said "Infinite Undiscovery and the Last Remnant came out on two discs. When Star Ocean: The Last Hope gets released in North America this March 3 it will be on three discs. Hopefully, Square Enix will pony up for better packaging than the US version of Lost Odyssey which crammed three discs on top of each other."

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PoSTedUP3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

what system is this for? nvm.... "3" and "dvd" totally gives it away.

SONYSLAVE3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

oohhhhh noooooo going to have to switch disk!!!! ooohhhh my god nooooooooo! i rather install my gamez to clunk up my hard drive

can't show of teh power of teh cell like haze showed.

IzKyD13313663d ago

I'd rather have a game take up a GB of my space (I have 300GB total I should add) then having to switch disks every 5 hours

BananaSlug3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

PS3 fanboy: HAHAHAHA 3 DVDs
360 fanboy: Who cares! Changing discs only takes 10 seconds

Truth: 360 fanboys just do not understand how much backtracking there are in JRPGS. For example, I doubt every side quest will be on the same disc, and even those are usually done in any order the player chooses.


Thatlalala3662d ago

Truth: Your not going to have to swtich discs to backtrack as in every other JRPG. There just for the cutscenes. You act like 360 fanboys never played a JRPG before.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3662d ago

It's not very Hi-Tech the xBox 360 is it??? ;-D

Tiberium3662d ago

You're a lazy gamer. and probably a fatty. It's every freakin 5 hours. And as I recall, mgs4 had multiple installs. Nothing better than wasting 5 minutes watching mattlock smoke his cancer stick I see. As long as lazy gamers don't have to get up and *gasp*... press the eject button.

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Keele3663d ago

No, no, it's three discs full of ''YOU WON'T GET TO PLAY IT''.

ICUP3663d ago

"No, no, it's three discs full of ''YOU WON'T GET TO PLAY IT''."

And when the three red light pop up.....

dukadork3663d ago

'No, no, it's three discs full of ''YOU WON'T GET TO PLAY IT''

agreed, that's why it's OK it's full of fail

'xb!tch please insert disc fail 3...'
'thank you, loading...'
'disc read error...'
'told ya b!tch now go hang yourself!'

Skyreno3663d ago

lol 3 disc lame, bad for xbox.. should have put this game to ps3 Only

PoSTedUP3663d ago

hey its better than 4 discs! XD

Danja3663d ago

DVD's FTW....who needs Wii-fit when changing disks on a 360 is just as much exercise.

beavis4play3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

that's a "glass half-full" comment if i ever heard one and it made me laugh.....bubbles for that.

same for you danja, bubbles for the chuckles.

Danja3663d ago

bubbles back at you for having a sense of humour something that alot of N4G members lack..XD..

PoSTedUP3663d ago

yes yall need to lighten up because videogames suck period, + bubbles ; ).

Thatlalala3662d ago

lol no discs lame.... bad for ps3 maybe you'll buy a 360 to play this.

likedamaster3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

""lol no discs lame.... bad for ps3 maybe you'll buy a 360 to play this.""

I had to read that twice to get it. Forgot it was exclusive. bubbs


see, we have a sense of humor too.

Danja3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

this is the 1st thread I've seen in the open zone where bad things are being said about each system and no-one is flaming each other...XD

Sense of humor FTW..!!..

only for this post btw can't guarantee im gonna take it easy on you guys the next time

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Darkseider3663d ago

We don't need no stinkin' HD optical drive! DVD is just fine! All 3,4,5,6 or 10 of them!

Sorry couldn't help myself

vitz33663d ago

I'm just gonna leave this here...


ablecain3663d ago

How exactly is Final Fantasy XIII going to work on the 360? It's either going to be significantly downgraded from the PS3 version, or players will have to switch the disc every two hours.

And by the way, it's just a prediction, but the 360 and PS3 versions will not be released simultaneously.

sunnygrg3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

No wonder Square is on the decline. All their money goes into buying these extra DVDs.

Microsoft's arrogance in not embracing Bluray will soon cause their demise.

Bnet3433663d ago

Umm ... why is this a big deal? Blue Dragon is on 3 discs and I have it. The hell is wrong with you people lol.

sunnygrg3663d ago

lol at comments in -------------> Open Zone

sonarus3663d ago

Are 3 discs really that big a deal? We should all be more concerned about whether it will be a good game instead of focusing on how many discs it has

Sarcasm3663d ago

"I'm just gonna leave this here...

Blu-Ray. "

I have a rebuttal for that.

3 DVDs.


Nicolator3663d ago

I really dont see what the big fuss is all about multi disc, so what if i have to use a few seconds to change disc, the only reason i see u having a problem with that is that u got to be FAT.. no .. VERY FAT to see that as a chore.

GUNS N SWORDS3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

you know, I'm getting fvcking tired of the anti 360 and MS remarks.

it's seems ps3 gamers care way more on b!tching about MS and 360 then playing games.

this is fvcking hysterical, who would fvcking rip their fvcking right nut off of their sack to have a good time then to bare the cross and the burden to start a war. (it's tiresome case you have to you know do it like every day and mornings as well)

as for the 3 dvds thing I'm for it, and i don't know why ps3 gamers aren't cause they have been persistently calming that it's coming to that it isn't they feel that have to you know.....hate on it (very immature)

wii uses dvds as well and it seems to have everyone in this fvcking world's vote, and it's all made from very old parts too.

RemmM3663d ago

You will eventually scratch the discs by switching them yeah.. Blu Ray please? MS = Greedy-stupidity

Bnet3433663d ago

So nobody bothered answering my question. I thought so too. People here never come up with a good argument so it's a waste of time comment on articles.

Fallen_Angel3663d ago

The game is going to be like 40-60 hours. who the hell cares how many disc it is ? Seriously its not like your going to beat the game in one sitting. You goin to have get your @ss up at some point anyways. So it not even taking away from the gameplay.

sonarus3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

@kigmal I'll tell you why its a big deal. Its because in the super gay fanboy wars on N4G anything is a weapon and must be used against the opposing camp accordingly. Be it failure rates, trophy errors, titles getting branded flops for scoring 8 out of 10.

So consider this ammunition in the console war. My console is better than yours because i don't have to get up to change discs. Don't you just hate yourself for buying that smelly console:D.

The fanboy wars are getting old. People need to step back and face reality while sony and nintendo were fighting for first place nintendo to the back door and got there first

JD_Shadow3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

@GUNS N SWORDS: PS3 articles get attacked like no one's business, but yet here's never allowed to do eye for an eye. I think it's their retaliation, actually. As long as it's somewhat civil and mature and makes a POINT, something that SOME people don't seem to know how to do.

@Kigmal: The reason? I'll answer it: It's an inconvenience that is inexcusable now because of the added capacity of advanced media and digital distribution. HIGHLY inexcusable. It's not JUST that ten seconds (giving more leeway on that time frame) that is the issue, although that is a big part of it because you're playing a game to have fun and you're working to be able to play more of it. It's that there is bragging about how "unnecessary" Blu-Ray is and all of that, and here we are talking about SE needing more than one disc to finish a game on the 360. It's people saying "I told you so" about the media MS chose to use for the 360. Once you realize that there is something deeper in that than just inconvenience, then you'll see what the big deal is.

@sonarus: You're right, though. There should be more of a focus on the game itself (we're still awaiting if this is REALLY fully a 360 exclusive or not, even), and I've said it many times that this is the ugliest and bloodiest and nastiest console war that I've seen in AGES (and I've seen a LOT of them, was around for the Sega vs. Nintendo stuff back in the day). Again, though, like with what I said to Kigmal above, it's a little bit deeper in how this is a huge deal. SE decided to "help" a system that makes them have to do that to begin with. You want to "help" a system that forces developers to have three discs for a game? Tell them to adopt a bigger capacity of media to make the games on than a DVD-9.

Oh, another reason why this could also be a "big deal": The quality of a game that would need 3 discs. Could this mean that this game might have a SECOND home because they are developing this game in such a way that would still fit onto a single disc on a certain TYPE of disc? (HINT HINT)

[email protected]: This is probably how each side views it, though (take what happened on Metacritic, for example). One fires the first shot, then the other side fires back because of how the first shot resonated and what reaction it got (the "eye for an eye"), and before you know it, you got a console war going on. Now, I've seen that some people have become fanboys to one system because of the fanboys of the other system being so out there that they decide to join the other team just to help team one shut up. I don't know if this is a good idea or not, but it's how it's played now.

Now, let's not confuse being hysterical with being passionate about the industry. Some people DO take this seriously and to heart because it IS part of their soul and their daily lives. To you, it's a piece of hardware, but to them, it's something that has sentimental value because of how much that hobby has become a part of their culture. They don't want to see anything get destroyed within by anything, and for whatever reason, they feel disenfranchised by some people, and frustrated by recent behaviors of game companies and console manufacturers (not to mention fanboys who either condone what should be condemned or blow something way out of proportion). You're also in your right to like or dislike things like this disc issue (and you have the right to express it). To some people, it is a big deal because it's a hassle they thought was unnecessary now when they could understand it then because we didn't have the technology then that we do now. Don't equate or confuse hysteria with passion.

I think it's also when you see some of the comments on THIS site that some people leave and how some people react to some of the sensible comments (such as the one I made the title to this comment about, the whole Bladestar/PS3 trophy error BS) that piss people off and want to fire back because of how it was attacked (flaming someone within the Gamer Zone, raping their bubbles, pounding the disagree button, using the report button as a weapon against dissenting posts). I think THAT gets confused with comments that pertain to the console war, as well. They're instead responding to the lunatic nature of some of the people on here. They want to just call THOSE people out for trolling by becoming a "fanboy for a moment". Then those people that call out trolls get labeled a full-time fanboy. It's created a big mess.

By the way, even though I may disagree with him somewhat on this particular issue (one part, that is) Sonarus' opinion is one I highly respect because he makes alot of sense. That and I generally and sincerely (transcending any fanboyism) do not like some of the things MS has done this year. It's not me trolling, it's me actually thinking MS needs a different approach than getting games to go multiplatform and snatching third parties away from everyone else, because it won't help them long term and it only hurts the gamers in the end.

Silellak3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )


"An eye for an eye?"

Do people really forget we're just talking about VIDEO GAMES? A HOBBY we all enjoy to have FUN?

"Consoles wars" are, and have always been, for people on all sides who are insecure in their purchasing choices. There is no logical reason behind so much venom against Sony or Microsoft or Nintendo.

PopEmUp3663d ago

the good news is, you don't need to buy wiiFit :P

Nicolator3663d ago

Stupid fanboy reasoning is a disease, and it reeks seriously i dunno how the their brain works, is really baffles me. They totally forget what is the main focus which is the game and how well is plays and start getting on about multi discs.. like that is an issue at all ... a 60hr plus game that u can never finish in one sitting, so in order words u are gonna take a break and do something else expect u dont have a life.. then it is a 4 sec disc change that bothers them.. huh???! What u cant leave the McDonalds for a few seconds to change the disc.. fat f*ck!

Nathaniel_Drake3663d ago

Doesn't SE have to pay Microsoft royalties for more then one DVD? I heard that somewhere

JD_Shadow3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

Something like that came up on the latest Warzone on the Bitbag (take it for what it's worth, in other words), which is where you probably heard that because I didn't hear about that anywhere else in the gaming media (though it's probably a little known fact if true). Torrence was saying that John Carmack (sp?) (I THINK he did Quake, but I'm not sure) was lazy or something for going ahead with three discs for something (I didn't catch the entire thing about what his beef with Carmack actually was that led to this whole three disc thing or what this game is that he would need that for, didn't know Carmack was MAKING a new game). Somewhere there, that little line came up that every time they have to use another disc, they have to pay a royalty to, I believe, the manufacturer of the console that the game is being made on (I'm half tired and I can't recall who exactly the check needed to be made out to according to the show, forgive me if I have that one part wrong).

But then again, look what site it was that GAVE this information, and I'm not sure if whoever actually said it (forget who, think it was someone that just was in that chat at that time and decided to join in the vocal discussion) had said he just heard it of if he knew it. But again, this was from the Bitbag, and they haven't exactly been too reliable in their history, so take it for what it's worth.

@Kigmal: There's a difference, though. With the installs, with the exception of MGS4 (weird way THAT game does the installs), you only have to do that once and then, unless you physically remove the data somehow, you never have to do it again. Also, some first and second parties are now finding ways to not have to do the install and still load the parts of the game rather fast (Resistance 2, for instance). With the disc changing, you must do that every single time the game prompts you. Yes, it is an inconvenience, one that some might find inexcusable with the technology that is present and consumer-ready now. That and it tells something about the type of media that the 360 uses and the power of the system.

And remember what I said before: Tri-Ace might be telling us something else from this, because I'm sure a Blu Ray would be able to hold such a vast amount of content on one disc, and right now, only one game system is capable of running Blu Ray. I have yet to see a SE game have multiple discs that DIDN'T have any plans on reaching the PS3 at some point or another. I think it could be a big deal because of THAT statistic that I don't think many have realized yet (that every multi-disc 360 SE game has a PS3 plan attached to it so far), and remember the uncertainty that SO4 will remain 360 exclusive.

@Immortal Kaim: Read this post and the last post I made thoroughly. Your answers about this inconvenience thing lie within.

Bnet3433663d ago

How is it an inconvenience? Please, what's an inconvenience is a mandatory install that takes up 5 GB's and takes 10 minutes. Where's BR on that huh? Why does it need to install GB's worth of data if BR is that good? 3 DVD's is an answer to BR according to MS. Microsoft says, "Hey we can prove any game can be on our system without BR plus you don;t need mandotory installs" And boom, they found a solution. It's an inconvenience lol .. please, that's not a fact.

bakasora3663d ago

So Im gonna get X360 just for it. But still, boo for the 3 discs thing, it looks so inferior than PS3

Immortal Kaim3663d ago

Seriously, 3 disks.... um... did I miss something, having a (presumably) 20-25 game span across 3 disks, is considered bad? How?

For people claiming 'inconvenience', that is truly scraping the bottom of the barrel.

CaptainHowdy3663d ago

they cannot survive the warp-speed spins inside of a 360, scratching, after many hours of play(i mean it IS an rpg) will ensue.

arika3663d ago

well at least you will feel teleported to the good old days. when our parents use to play multiple disc on their ps1.. yes good old days indeed. hehehe! enjoy.

andron3663d ago

Jump in ... jump out...jump in... jump out ... jump in...

Just some more ad based fun making there. Don't shot the messenger LOL

jaysquared3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

"I really dont see what the big fuss is all about multi disc, so what if i have to use a few seconds to change disc, the only reason i see u having a problem with that is that u got to be FAT.. no .. VERY FAT to see that as a chore."

Its because most PS3 fans perfer a 5 gb install that takes 20-30 minutes instead of getting up 3 times and exchanging discs that take 30 seconds long each discs after 5-8 hours of gameplay. PS3 fans like to wait for their games. Look at how they like to wait for their delayed games, wait for their console of choice to dominate, wait for features that should've been there in the first place, wait for home wait for KZ2 wait for installs to go in, wait for their long updates, wait. PS3 fans are the most patien gamers in the world! Seriously look at all their post and thier always talking about wait till next year when the PS3 will dominate, wait for the price drop then ps3 will dominate, wait till LBP and R2 come out and then the PS3 will dominate.

heroicjanitor3663d ago

You are such a fanboy... Would using multiple cds instead of a dvd please you as well?

madmike3663d ago

but i would rather change a disc than wait 20 min to install a game then wait two min for it to load every 10 min into the game. play beyond

gaffyh3663d ago

Honestly I'd rather have 3 DVDs than the sh*tness of Infinite Undiscovery. But yeah Blu-Ray would have been better...

CaptainHowdy3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

all this yaking about "i'd rather have 3 disks than an install"...does it say the game will have installs??? what if it doesn't? what'll be your argument then??? "i like having 3 discs, it makes me feel like i have more game" LMAO!!!!

HighDefinition3663d ago

Discs get LOST and SCRATCHED. Sure 3 discs isn`t the biggest deal ever but it`s a sh!tty trend to get into cause it`ll only get worse over time, FF13 will most likely be on 5-6, that won`t be fun. Like I said, things happen and if things happen to 1 disc...your pretty much screwed. Either way you spin it, that`s not cool.

solidsnakus3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )


please just shut up with the 'oh you lose a disk or scratch it and your screwd' BS. this is beter than ps3 because if you lose the ps3 disk you cant play it at all! at least on 360 you can play half the game lol. i dont see your logic.

as long as they give us proper box. this game will be epic in the same way as FF games for the ps1 were. i remember them being 4 disks. reguardless, this is an RPG game, you switch disks every 10-15 hours of gameplay. its not like mgs4 where you have to install some BS every 2 hours. 15 second disk swap>>>>5 minute install per 2 hours.

die_fiend3662d ago

The only people who are bothered about changing discs are the people that aren't even going to be getting this version of the game and so won't even be changing the discs...So basically they've come in here 2 tell us that it's such an awful thing to have to do cos it interrupts the game for about 10 seconds lol. They haven't even considered the fact that you can OPTIONALLY install it onto the 360 hard drive n probably run it all from the first disc lol. They'd rather have their mandatory install (BR is so good but it MUST be installed onto the hard drive eh?). Y do so many PS3 games need installing when they're on Blu-Ray if the 360 can play them straight from DVD? But like I said, 360 has the option, PS3 doesn't

INehalemEXI3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

I got no problems with buying a multi disk game, owns ps1 ff7 , ff8, and LO on 360.I wish I could have SO on a blu ray but will get it on 3 dvd's.

B4 FF13 was announced multi I had hopes it would be so grand it would span 3 BD's.FF for more people then just 1 install base is best though for SE to get dough for making FF7 remake.

When I see a multi disk game I get a tingle ooh someone's working hard to make this game epic. A game Exceeeding the max capacity of not 1 but 2 discs is great news.

likedamaster3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

Bluray, shmuray! Last time I checked the most advanced system of the "3" still used DVD-9. (PC)

Genesis53662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

Yes but 3 DVDs is so last gen. When now you can fit all 3 on 1.

Thatlalala3662d ago

Doesn't anyone undertand how most mutli disk rpg's work? Your able to back track on every disc the only reason there is 3-4 discs is because Japanese developer's don't know how to run non CG cutsecnes.

MorganX3662d ago

I seriously doubt 3 DVDs cost anywhere near what 1 Bluray costs. Having said that, I do think Microsoft's arrogance will hurt it if it doesn't adopt Bluray soon. I also think they can do so very quickly. Within days of deciding to do so they can have them coming off the production lines. They're already designed and ready to go. You're a fool if you don't think so.

Dark Knight and Wanted Bluray sales will have an impact. Microsoft holding out on Bluray is like Steve Jobs still failing to admit a 2-button mouse should be a standard on Macs.

vitz33662d ago

Oh wow... What have I done?

The Lazy One3662d ago

do you really expect it to be a 6-8 hour game? I'd be more upset with the game being that short than having to switch the disc.

Sheddi3662d ago

This kind of sh*t ruined GTA4! and u all know it!

mikeslemonade3662d ago

Some of you people are ignoring what this means for the future. Star Ocean doesn't even look that great and it's not the longest RPG and it takes 3 DVDs. Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey were also sub-par looking games and not very long games and they took 3 and 4 discs. My point is when games actually do look current generation it's going to take more discs than just 3 or 4. At this point no Japanese RPG looks much better than a PS2 game. We're only 3 years into this generation and in 2 years laters games will almost double in space, and they may be exclusive to PS3 because Microsoft does not want to taint the image of the 360 by releasing a 6 disc game.

gaffyh3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

@Thatlalala - Lost Odyssey had very few FMVs in it (I think only the beginning movie was FMV) and that game was on 4 discs. Also The Last Remnant also has no FMVs (I can't remember about the starting movie for this though, it could have been FMV) and that's on 2 discs.

So this has nothing to do with the fact that the Japanese developers can't code. It's just a fact that for this generation of consoles (and especially for RPGs) DVD9 is not really enough to get BOTH top quality graphics AND long hours of gameplay.

SaiyanFury3662d ago

Personally I don't really care if the game comes on 3 DVDs. I had the Sega CD way back when and was swapping discs back in 1994, so swapping discs every 12 or so hours doesn't bother me. I can see why it would annoy people who don't want to go to the trouble, but it's not that big of a deal. As for 3 DVDs on the 360, in this day and age of games going cross-platform; Final Fantasy XIII, Eternal Sonata etc. I'll wait for the PS3 version. Neither Microsoft nor S-E said the game was exclusive to the 360. Believe me, MS would be FAST to tout it as such, but considering I've never heard such a statement, I'll hold out for the PS3 version.

elorm93662d ago

Soon there are gonna be games with 5+ DVDs... By then they might just make those games PS3 exclusive since multiple DVD games are more expensive to produce.

rockleex3662d ago

And I'll say it again.

We had no problems with switching disks in 1997 because CDs held more data than cartridges. How many cartridges would it take to hold FF7? A LOT.

Now Bluray holds more data than DVD. DVD is the new cartridge and Bluray is the new CD.

I wouldn't mind a game taking up more than 3 Bluray discs, that would be a LOT of content. But imagine if that game utilized DVDs instead...

And with all those installation comments... have you guys never played Uncharted? The best looking game this generation for consoles, with NO installs.

Killzone 2? Its gonna take Uncharted's graphics crown, once again WITHOUT ANY INSTALLATIONS!!!

meepmoopmeep3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

i really don't have anything against multi-discs
but you do have a point, somewhat.


PSWii60 said there's an ad that comes with Last Remnant that has "Only on Xbox 360" for SO4.
that was the first known about SO4 being anything exclusive thus far.
but we all know how credible these things are these days *cough*FFXIII, Bioshock, RE4*cough*

when it comes to 3rd party games you never know what will happen.
but yeah, if there were any true exclusivity contract imposed by SO4, MS would not be shy to shout this on the mountains.