GameSpot: Sonic Unleashed Review

Pretty pictures aren't enough to make up for the miserable gameplay. Almost nothing else in this game even reaches the level of mediocrity. The Sonic levels are poorly laid out and have unresponsive controls, the werehog portions have monotonous combat and a wonky camera, and even the hub world is so difficult to navigate, you'll spend way too much time searching for the next level. There just isn't any fun to be had in Sonic Unleashed.

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Bubble Buddy3634d ago

Sonic Sonic Sonic... What happened to the good old days...?

Legend20x3634d ago

I have learned not to respect or even consider what gamestop says.

Granted Sonic Unleashed is not a great game by any means but a 3.5 is simply too low. i have played both version of the game and the level designs are fantastic and give you a sense of speed that has never before been present in any sonic game.

I cant figure out why there is so much hate for this game (granted the werehog is one of THE DUMBEST things i can think of) The sonic levels are simply fabulous, seems gamespot just hates the sonic series now. If memlry serves Sonic '06 was only .5 or 1 point lower in their review. and UNleashed is EASILY better then SOnic '06 (that game should have never been made, and everyone on the staff of that game kciked out of the industry)

Danja3634d ago

hmmm well so much for hoping SEGA could have made a great Sonic game...