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Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories not playable on 80GB PS3

Backwards compatibility does not extend to latest Kingdom Hearts release.


Article features work-around for the problem

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CloudsEnd3362d ago

I didnt even knew the 80GB has backward compability.. oO

sunnygrg3362d ago

Some 80gigs do have backward compatibility, like the MGS4 80GB Pack which I own.

Anyway, its a damn shame that it wont play on my PS3. Time to dust off my PS2 then.

callahan093361d ago

I bet it'll work on the BC-compatible 80gigs soon-time. When Mana Khemia came out in March, it didn't play. The firmware update following its release gave it support though. I bet Kingdom Hearts will be made to work with a future update, too. I kind of expect the same thing with Persona 4 next week. I'll buy it, but I expect to not be able to play it immediately. If that happens, I'm cool with it, because I still have Valkyria Chronicles to keep me busy, among other games.

UltimateIdiot9113361d ago

Well, could be worse, no BC on 40gb. I don't mind since I own a slim but I don't have it with me. So, no KH or Persona 4 for me till I go back for the break.

iamtehpwn3361d ago

That seems like an odd minor bug.
Could be fixed in a firmware update.

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ultimolu3362d ago

Got a PS2 to play it on anyway.

Gue13361d ago (Edited 3361d ago )

First time Patchstation 3 says something that I can agree on...

Anyway and what about the 60GB? The one that has the EE chip, can that model play this game?

BLuKhaos3361d ago

Rumor has it that FW 3.0 will contain PS2 BC.

Skyreno3362d ago

lol i got 60 gb, still haven't bought the game yet but when i do,i hope it works :)

White-Sharingan3361d ago

I have Rechain of memories and a 60gb PS3

works great!

ruibing3361d ago

Though I have a 60GB PS3, I still prefer the non-smoothed output of the PS2 using component cables. Personally, I think there's no reason any JRPG fan should not have a PS2, even if they have a BC PS3.

Tariu-kun3361d ago

That's right, I'm a lucky 60GB owner. So if I "wanted" to play a gameboy game on my PS3, I could. But I don't...

arngrim2293361d ago

u prbly already know but incase u dont, its a 3d remake with alot of stuff thats changed, plus well i never beat it with riku lol so gives me another reason to play it for only 30$

Marceles3361d ago

It's surprisingly a good "gameboy" game

arngrim2293361d ago

tho i have a 60 gig, and its pretty fun, alot better than gba version

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The story is too old to be commented.