Fudzilla: Phenom II runs Crysis at 6.2GHz

Fuad Abazovic writes: "Almost always stable."

"We've seen Phenom II, Deneb overclocked all the way to 6.2GHz. This was not a screenshot boot, we've seen it with our own eyes as chaps from AMD managed to run the Crysis benchmark several times. The machine was stable on almost every run."

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steve30x3634d ago

Why is it impracticle? Also the headline says it runs Crysis at 6.2GHZ but they dont show any proof of it running the game at 6.2GHZ nor do they publish the results. I dont believe this.But if AMD does manage to get one better than Intel I will return back to AMD. Until then I will keep my Intel CPU.

Lord Anubis3634d ago

unless you are running a laboratory or you are a real hardcore PC gamer there's no reason to use those cooling methods to get those speeds.

SnprSlick3634d ago

I like how it never mentions the fact that they used liquid nitrogen to cool the flipping thing.

shazam3634d ago

so theyre running crysis at 6.2 billion frames per second? the poster needs to go back to school. that headline makes so little sense it just pi$ses me off.

warfed3634d ago (Edited 3634d ago )

"so theyre running crysis at 6.2 billion frames per second? the poster needs to go back to school. that headline makes so little sense it just pi$ses me off."

You just owned yourself. Maybe YOU should go back to school... Hertz (symbol: Hz) is a measure of frequency, informally defined as the number of cycles occurring per second. Doesn't have to be JUST frames.


You are probably right (English isn't my first language) but to me it sounded right, but I see your point. I got the impression that shazam thinks Hz always means fps. "regular 60Hz" don't forget it's not 60Hz everywhere in the world ;)

vitz33634d ago (Edited 3634d ago )

Actually I agree with Shazam's comment.

To me the article's title reads as if they were playing the game on a display that can display at 6.2GHz, instead of the regular 60Hz.

The author should seek a higher education.

Title should be "Fudzilla: Phenom II Overclocked to 6.2Ghz Running Crysis."

*edit. LOL I wonder who disagreed?... HAHA!

Bolts3633d ago

This tittle doesn't make any god damn sense. So they OC the damn chip and run Crysis at 6.2 GHz...AND??? AND what?? Where's the benchmark??

Rapture3333633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

I work at a computer store and my boss has a Core 2 Duo clocked to 7.2GHz, no lie.

Oh btw it's running on liquid cooling with 3 radiators from a build in case. The case is the Thermaltake Gandolf.

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FantasyStar3634d ago

Man, Liquid Nitrogen. That's pretty hard-core.

Silvia0073634d ago

Now you can flash freeze all sorts of cool stuff while you use your pc.

TheIneffableBob3633d ago

And you'll make those cool things even cooler!

kyleg3633d ago

the bus speed says 200.4 mhz that sucks. AMD sucks

steve30x3633d ago

I would love to have public bus services that go 200.4mph lol

Satanas3633d ago

When are the Phenom IIs releasing?

Depending on how they're priced compared to the current X4's, I'll consider them. Otherwise I'll just stick with the 9950.

Satanas3595d ago

Phenom II 920 is fairly priced and now available. Getting it most likely