IGN: Missing in Action: Kirby's Wii Adventure

IGN writes: "We don't know where Kirby went. Announced, then cancelled. Then announced again, then delayed. Currently still cropping up under the radar, mysteriously, on cryptic Japanese release date calendars. Yes, we don't know where Kirby went. But we're going to try to help him find his way back.

Kirby's Wii Adventure is what we're talking about, of course -- a game that was first announced as being in development for the GameCube back in 2004 before it fell into obscurity, and got onto the confusing rollercoaster ride it's been on ever since. The game will appear to be cancelled, we'll mourn its loss, and we'll move on. But then, inexplicably, it'll pop up again -- through some blogger's rumor report or even official Nintendo press releases. And then the waiting game is back on, until the whole cycle repeats itself. We've been through these ups and downs several times already through the past half decade."

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