Crispy Gamer: The Game Trust's Favorite Classic Game Tunes

Crispy Gamer writes:

"Gamers growing up in today's CD- and DVD-enabled world don't know how good they have it. They've been spoiled by surround sound systems, a billion sound channels and epic soundtracks recorded by full orchestras. Back in our day, we had primitive sound chips chirping out bleeps and bloops that occasionally resembled real recorded music, and daggumit, that's the way we liked it!

No, I'm serious, we actually did like it. Game music back in the good old days of game music (defined here as anything released during or before the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and Sega Genesis era) actually had a distinctive character that was exclusive to the medium. While today's game soundtracks are largely indistinguishable from the kind of forgettable background sounds that infuse most movies and television shows, classic game music is instantly recognizable as such, and totally inextricable from memories of long nights spent in front of glorious, glowing, two-dimensional sprites."

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