GameSpy Interview: Capcom's Seth Killian on Street Fighter IV

GameSpy writes: "You'll be hearing a lot from Capcom's Seth Killian on GameSpy in the coming weeks. We recently dropped by Capcom's offices in San Leandro, CA and spoke with Seth at length, as well as his boss, Senior Director of Communications and Community Chris Kramer. They both had quite a lot to say about Capcom's approach to fostering an active community for Street Fighter IV as its release approaches. Communities for competitive games are crucial to their success, and arguably, no publisher has got this right yet as it applies to fighting games beyond the living room or arcade. But to hear Killian and Kramer tell it, Capcom's going above and beyond.

What follows is an excerpt from our long chat. How would you like to get the rest? More written transcripts? Podcast segments? Let us know in the comments!"

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