Strategy Informer: Elven Legacy Developer Diary #1

Strategy Informer writes: "As you might know, Elven Legacy is a sequel to the Fantasy Wars turn-based war game. One of the unique selling points in the original game was the ability to change the scale of the battlefield map. In most war and turn-based strategy games, players could only look at the battlefield from a distance and were only able to see one large figure on the hex symbolizing a whole unit. Entire units stood on the battlefield, but from a distance it all looked like a swarming anthill.

We thought, 'How boring! It would be much better if a player saw a large colorful figure of, say, an orc, without having to guess what this stirring dot is.' What if when a player zoomed in the camera on the battlefield, they saw a real unit of brutal warriors? Or even better, what if the number of figures reflected the real strength of a unit? With our idea for the game camera, the player could almost look in the eyes of any goblin."

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