IGN: Brothers in Arms: Hour of Heroes iPhone Review

IGN writes: "Brothers in Arms: Hour of Heroes is a daring World War II action game that stretches from Africa to Berlin and back to Normandy to an effort to stop the Nazi Germany war machine. However, the dare implied above is really directed at you. Gameloft practically dares you to play to the conclusion of Brothers in Arms without driving your thumbs through the screen of your iPhone in a fit of rage.

There is a good game here, but due to unfortunate controls, it remains just out of reach. Despite the presence of a tutorial that attempts to explain the control scheme to you, there is just no point in the game when it clicks. It consistently feels unnatural, and if controls feel awkward after two hours of play, then there's a serious problem. The default set-up is a virtual analog stick in the lower left corner of the screen. The look around and aim, you slide a finger from your other hand around the screen. (The game features a slight auto-aim that nudges your crosshairs on top of a target if you get close enough to it.) Now, hold your hands in front of you. Grip an imaginary iPhone with your left hand and crook your thumb up. Next, try to balance the other side of this imaginary iPhone with your left hand, but arc your index finger over the screen. Looks comfy, doesn't it? It's not. It's clumsy. It's slow. And it results in a lot of unintended deaths."

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