'Animal Crossing' Slur Incident Doesn't Expose Used-Game Ratings Loophole Say ESRB, GameStop

MTV Multiplayer writes:

"America's video game ratings board and the country's most prominent seller of used games say that this week's "Animal Crossing" N-word incident doesn't expose a weakness in the ratings accuracy of used games.

Earlier this week we broke the news that copies of "Animal Crossing: Wild World" sent to reporters included a player-added racial slur. In what appeared to be meant in a hip-hop sense, rather than a term of offense, a character had been set up to greet the player with the word "N-a."

Nintendo quickly apologized and called for a return of the games, but the incident indicated a possible vulnerability in the ratings on used games.

"Animal Crossing" is rated E for everyone. And while the box does indicate that the "Game Experience May Change During Online Play," nothing on the box indicates that someone obtaining a used game might be exposed to some non-E-rated content.

I contacted the Entertainment Software Ratings Board and GameStop, which includes sales of used games as a significant part of its business, to get their thoughts on this apparent loophole."

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