The Koalition: Resident Evil 5 360 Demo Impressions

The Koalition: "After much anticipation, Japanese gamers (as well as us foreigners with a Japanese XBOX LIVE account) have been blessed with a demo of Capcom's latest installment in the Resident Evil series. How does it stack up in comparison to it's predecessors as well as the stiff competition it should be facing this spring? Read on…"


Screenshots and Gameplay video have been added.

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Rick AstIey3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

Co-op in RE5 is a joke. I'll stick to single player.

And another thing, the graphics are very mediocre. The character models look great but the environments and the death animations are absolutely awful. The AI also sucks.

In reality, RE5 is just RE4 HD. Graphics aside, there is nothing in this game that couldn't be done on the GameCube.

GiantEnemyCrab3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

Wait so you have a 360? Would of never guessed by your pure hate for anything Xbox and MS on this site.

I'm gonna grab the demo and see for myself. I'm reading some complaints about the controls from people who haven't played an RE game before but I'm not hearing anything but praise for the graphics and Co-Op. I'm too busy with Left4Dead for another Zombie game.

jayvivz3633d ago

so Rick, are you basing the entire game on a demo that can be played in less than 20 minutes? you're saying it as if the entire game is in the demo.

for one, the Co-Op is very well done. almost as good as L4D's. joke co-op is Gears of War or CoD:[email protected]'s. this game lets you heal your partner, give them ammo and items, save them when they're being attacked, perform co-op movements. what more could you want?

saying that the game could be done on Gamecube is ridiculous seeing as how we're given just two early levels. if you played the first 15 minutes of RE4 you'd say that graphics aside, the game could have been done on PS1, but everyone knows that's not the case for the entire game. not to mention RE4's game mechanics and style is one of the best ever and the upgrades they've made in this one work very well, especially with the addition of the co-op mechanics, so why fix it what's not broken?

and as far as graphics, i'm not sure how you could have came to that conclusion. the death animations don't exactly fit the death, but the character models, textures, details on the environment and animations are amazing. not the best looking, but far from mediocre.

and of course the difficulty of the game will be changeable in the real thing.

just my 2 cents. not saying the game is perfect nor that it's gonna be the best, but being so judgemental about it over a very short demo is a little much.

Rick AstIey3633d ago

Just because I don't put up my Gamertag in my profile doesn't mean I don't own a 360. By that logic I don't own a PS3 either, seeing how I hide my PSN ID as well. Christ you fanboys are annoying.

BrunoM3633d ago

its an alright demo but humm some how it makes me thing of RE4 alot in one side is not a baad thing but i wanted a more original RE fell to it ..
o well got to take what they gave us so ya good demo i gave it a 7 out of 10