DEN: Spider-Man: Web of Shadows Review

DEN writes: "Back in 1984, Spider-Man picked up some new duds on a distant planet. His familiar red-and-blues had gotten pretty ripped up, and as someone with a secret identity to hide, he needed something to cover himself up with. Enter an alien machine that produced a new costume for him, a sleek black and white number suitable for formal occasions. Only problem is, the costume's actually an alien being, a symbiote that has bonded to Spider-Man, and doesn't take too kindly to Spider-Man's decision to unbond with it. From there, the symbiote gets really cranky, bonds with other people, and Venom is on the loose. Venom goes on to be a major part of the Spider-Man mythos for… well, probably for as long as there'll be Spider-Man."

What Works:
+ Original storyline
+ Acrobatic fights!
+ Two different costumes give two different sets of moves

What Doesn't:
- Spider-Man's voice
- Wonky camera
- Game-freezing bugs

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