Game Revolution: Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World PS2 Review

Game Revolution writes: "Here lies the first mission of Dragonball Z: Infinite World:

You are Goku, the Asian Superman, the super-human based off the legendary super-monkey in The Journey to the West, the super martial artist who can fire super fireballs and soar through the clouds in a super-stream of chi. Raditz, a barbaric Saiyan who claims to be your older brother, has come from the outskirts of the universe, flown to your house, knocked you to the floor, and kidnapped your son Gohan in his plans to conquer Earth. You stand up from the ground slowly, and as Dragonball Z fans know, it's time for you to kick some alien butt."

+ Solid cast of characters
+/- The same, old fighting system
- Actually comparable to Superman 64
- Side-missions are dreadful and required
- Every character fights the same way
- Extremely monotonous

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