Our public apology to Sony and Guerilla

Gamersyde writes:

"Some of you may have noticed that we removed our videos of Killzone 2 from the site.

The reason is that, by showing you most of the levels featured in the preview code, we caused more harm to the publisher Sony and the developer Guerrilla than we could ever have imagined.

We got carried away by our enthusiasm and our desire to share the content of this fantastic preview with you. This is an unforgivable misconduct as professionnals, and as journalists.

Therefore, we have permanently removed all the concerned files. And to the people working at Guerilla and Sony we'd like to adress our public apologies.

The Gamersyde team.

To our fellow members and readers, we are aware that you were all very pleased by our videos and that you will probably want to find us excuses.

If you really want to support us please do so by avoiding polemics and trying to recognize Sony and Guerilla's fundamental right to protect their intellectual properties.

Thank you all in advance."

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HighDefinition3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

Kiss The Ring!!!


Cwalat3579d ago


atleast they have balls to admit that they did a stupid move...

other journalists wouldn't care as much as going out to the public and appoligizin... it's called respect.. get to know the word, yeah?

for us gamers, it was a treat... but the negativity hurt Sony and GG.... i mean, 2-3 levels are probably spoiled now for most of the gamers that watched the videos...

Gamersyde did the right thing pullin down the videos, and i believe Youtube will do the same thing,

GG and Sony care deeply about this game, goes to show why they put in that amount of money into the project... but we as gamers shouldn't bash Gamersyde... nore should we whine over small things that appeared in the preview code...

We should just shut the fu**k up and wait til February before judgement day...

Gamersyde, nothin but respect.

Bathyj3579d ago

Did you ever think Windows should have a univerally recognised "Sarcasm Font" (maybe something itallic) so you wouldn't have to say /sarcasm.

People would just see the font and know you were joking.

HighDefinition3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

I completely agree, Bathyj.

Oner3579d ago

I always thought a reverse italic would be perfect for that!

Cwalat3579d ago


agreed loool :P

i fu**kin hate gaming!!!!!!! ^^,

^^, <---- should be the world wide logo for Sarcasm..

HighDefinition3579d ago

Reverse italic is great idea.

Timesplitter143579d ago

''Bow before my glory!''

- Ken K.

Oner3579d ago

AHAHAHA Smokey! I went to a wedding of a close friend of my family and his Wife's Uncle was ZOD! All throughout the wedding I was saying stupid lines of his and was hoping he was going to say something at the reception...I had my girl crying!

beavis4play3579d ago

what was the problem with showing the vids? i thought on dec. 4 that's what was going to happen?? can anyone let me know the story of why they have removed the vids and apologized.

spec_ops_comm3579d ago

They pulled the vids because they had pretty much spoiled the first 3 levels of Killzone 2 more than two months before release.

They posted boss fights, intense sniper battles, level objectives, scripted events, etc.

I only watched one vid, then realized that I'd rather play through this first hand in February. I couldn't believe how much they spoiled, and apparently they felt the same way.

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BrunoM3579d ago

All i can say is WOW ... i mean it does show something in these industry of ours (GAMERS) that we dont see any more ..

so ya Good job puting the vids up just was showing that u (the site loved all they saw)

But EVEN better job taking it of by seeing that was gaving to much away and would take away from people playing the game for the first time and from sony and or GG trying to keep some stuff down..

in any case nice to see these on the day and age ..

RevN8r3579d ago

I'm guessing English is not your first language...

Lord Anubis3579d ago

for releasing such compressed videos they should be black listed

Graphics Whore3579d ago

The preview code still has less bugs and looks better than 100% of the console games available.

ShinMaster3579d ago

IGN said that the difference between the preview and the near final version of the game they just saw over at Guerrilla, is almost like night and day.

That's how awesome the game is gonna look!

ezcex3579d ago

More journalists need learn about what gamersyde just did.

Counter_ACT3579d ago

Took down some videos they shouldn't have put up in the first place? Please, stop kissing their ass.

athlon7703579d ago

most 'gaming' sites would have just removed the vids without a 2nd thought about putting up an appology. 1up for instance does this alot. It does add up to respect when someone does something just because it is the right thing to do.

shysun3579d ago

I respect them for the way they took them down. It's happened to other sites before but things got REALLY nasty between them and the Dev's after. I like this approach better.

Sitdown3579d ago

agree with counter act. Yeah they apologized.....but that does not mean it was sincere....they could have just threw that in there in order to prevent themselves from being black listed by Sony in the future.

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