Star Ocean 4 Site Update Reveals Meracle, Battle Specs

SCRAWL: "The latest update on the official Star Ocean: The Last Hope Japanese website reveals to us Meracle (who was first show in last week's Famitsu) as well as some new information on the battle system. RUSH Mode, Special Attack, Symbology, Link Combo, and BEAT System are introduced."

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La Chance3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

Im looking forward to this one.

Star Ocean 3 was great , this one looks even better.

Rick AstIey3633d ago

Star Ocean 3 was great? LOL! None of the Star Ocean games were "great", actually. The first two were good, the 3rd was mediocre, and the 4th, if it's anything like Infinite Undiscovery, will be mediocre as well.

Gue13633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

You seriously think Star Ocean 3 was great? I mean, I'm an Jrpg lover, before this gen where there are FPS everywhere I only used to play Jrpg. I have a collection of Jrpg's pretty decent (about 40-50) with a few rare games like Persona 2 and Xenogears and I consider SO3 one of the most boring Jrpg ever made and the worst of the series...

I'm not trying to be a fanboy here, SOIV is looking really good, at lest from what we have seen but SO3 looked the same and it was pretty bad. It had beautiful graphics, progressive scan supported and everything but it was just a pretty game. Generic, repetitive and boring is how I would describe it. The game was a mess with all the customizations... Like Mana Khemia.

Are you sure you played that game?

edit: Lol, Rick AstIey you beat me! by 3 minutes... >_0
But the first two SO games were great man! The first I played it with a fan translation and I have the second for PS1 but I don't have a PsP to play the remakes but they look pretty cool.

Edge Maverick3633d ago

What was wrong with it, you ask? The plot twist near the end of the "virtual-Reality" life Fayt and company were living was total horse crap! Other than that, awesome game! Terrific side quests and killer fun story that never took itself too seriously.

Honestly, Mr. JRPG fan above me (I've played somewhere between 200-300 during my time as a gamer, so hear me out bud) I'd like you to point out a JRPG that blasts Star Ocean away with its variety, seeing as though SO3 was soooooo repetitive.

And Rick, you're one of the bigger Sony Fannies on this site just going after La Chance, a storied Bot. Shut up, you've never played SO3.

Infinite Undiscovery was horrible, a blip on the radar that usually is only projecting good titles from Tri-Ace. That's the UE3 for ya! You can't make good RPGs with it, seriously, Square really needs to shape up and quit with all the garbage shovelware like that.

Star Ocean: The Last Hope will be the first true AAA WORLDWIDE RPG in 2009 (first in Japan will be WKC come christmas) Finally, we english gamers will be getting something good from Square!

La Chance3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

with you guys but Star Ocean 3 was an excellant game.Very good graphics , interesting universe , deep characters , good plot.

What else do you expect from a JRPG ?

Star Ocean 4 is shaping up to be as good as Star Ocean 3.

Edge Maverick3633d ago

Yeah, SO3 freaking ruled. ANd yes, SO4 looks even better. JP website favorited and checked once daily for new info!

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Lord Xire3633d ago

It looks like Tri Ace has put alot of effort into this title the detail and smoothness of this game is amazing.

And the fighting style has some great improvements and cool look.

All it breaks down is to how well they execute the story.

If they do then this game will definitely be the RPG to start 2009 off right.