TVG: Wheelman First Look Preview

TVG writes: "Currently in the final stages of development, Midway's Wheelman is the second of three big titles for the current crop of HD consoles, and is due in mid-February. An original IP produced in partnership with Vin Diesel's Tigon Studio, Wheelman sees the xXx and Pitch Black actor once more step into the realms of video gaming.

Set in Barcelona, Wheelman sees players follow Diesel's undercover agent, Milo Burik, as he investigates the criminal underbelly of the city in order to stop a heist from occurring. If it sounds like a Hollywood movie, that's because a silver screen version of the brand is in the planning stages. According to early reports, the Wheelman video game serves as a prequel to the events of the movie, which had been pencilled in for launch at some time next year. So with just ten weeks until the Wheelman storms Barcelona, TVG screeched down the road to London to see the latest build of what Midway hopes will be 'the biggest driving game of early 2009'..."

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