Metal Gear Solid 4 Wins PlayStation Gold Award

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan gives out Gold awards during their annual award show to games that have sold over half a million copies over the last year. Despite being out for less than six months, you better believe that Solid Snake was among those that won the award.

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cmrbe3542d ago

deserves more. Half million in Japan in 6 months is not bad at all considering that the highest any MGS game sold in Japan was about 800K i think. Despite what critics says. MGS4 is the best in the series.


Good job kojima-san. Now can u pls start making MGS5.

ChanDangle3542d ago

Pfffft after the Metal Gear fight in the game, he should be working on ZOE:3.

Gue13542d ago

OMG! if Zone of the Enders 3 comes I would cry of joy!

smurfie43542d ago

Yeah. The shooter genre doesn't have the same appeal to the Japanese audience as rpg's and wack anime games. Congrats to the winners anyway.

interrergator3542d ago

want the best game out of 2008? this is it

Graphics Whore3542d ago

It's between Fallout 3 and MGS4 and I really think MGS4 takes the cake for GOTY.

Kuest3542d ago

I'd agree with you.

Metal Gear 4 had stellar presentation.

Prototype3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

I liked 4 but personally I still like MGS 1 the best, especially towards the end.

And for the record, F- ZOE make a US version of Policenauts :D