PS3 driving Blu-ray movie sales, outpacing HD-DVD

Sony has made certain that recent Nielsen VideoScan sales figures would not go unnoticed, today heralding PlayStation 3 as a driving force behind a growing appetite for Blu-ray movie consumption. According to the Nielson data, during the first two weeks of January, sales of Blu-ray movies outpaced those of HD-DVD movies by a wide margin; in week one, 47.14 HD DVD titles were sold for every 100 Blu-ray titles; in week two, the margin grew to 38.36 HD-DVD titles for every 100 Blu-ray titles. High-Def Digest suggests that, despite HD-DVD's head start, overall sales of the two formats could be equal in a matter of weeks; while Sony is already confident that "Blu-ray has surpassed HD-DVD in cumulative sales."

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Funky Town_TX4327d ago

somebody win. So the comsumers can stop wasting money.

DJ4327d ago

The faster this battle is over the better it is for us.

UrbanJabroni4327d ago

I'm far too lazy to look up the there a fundamental hardware difference between BluRay and HD-DVD? A simple yes or no would suffice.

lalaland4327d ago

Performance wise there are two differences:

1. Blu-Ray has bigger capacity per layer compared to HD-DVD and has the potential for more layers compared to HD-DVD.
2. Blu-Ray's minimum transfer speed is faster than HD-DVD (to make the extra space usable).

Some would say the picture quality of HD-DVD is better compared to Blu-Ray, but that is entirely dependant on the player used, movie watched and encoding codec of the movie. Technically Blu-Ray has the potential to deliver better quality because of its higher bitrate and more space.

Rasulis4327d ago

Urban Jabroni, the only difference is the size of memory they can carry. The blue ray currently isn't to far ahead with an extra 15 gig of memory, but theoretically it can hold up to 200 gig and has been tested at 100 up to 100 gig. HD DVD has been tested up to 45 gig and can theoretically hold up to 60 gig. They both support the exact same video and audio codecs.

I personal want HD DVD to win, because I see little value in the extra massive amount of space Blue ray provides.

Jrocks_4_ever4327d ago

Where are the "poo-ray" boys now!!!! lol.....
Another step for sony towards market dominance.....Like I said before, the only thing thats stoping sony from a victory is time...And time is on there side....

I wonder what M$ is going to do once Blue-Ray wins the format war? Hmmmmmmmmmm...........HDMI Cables anyone??? LOL.....

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The story is too old to be commented.