The PS3 Wireless Keypad, In My Cold, Cold Hands

Kotaku: The Wireless Keypad for the Playstation 3 is an innocuous little snap-on peripheral, that adds a full QWERTY thumb board, touchpad and a few instant access buttons to your controller.

The Playstation 3's $50 keyboard is a bit lighter, thinner and offers a few more features than its Xbox 360 counter-part, which is to be expected since its hitting stores so much later.

Is it worth a purchase? Sure, if texting with a controller drives you nuts. Otherwise I'd maybe hold off until I felt a need for a keypad on the controller.

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Blademask3634d ago (Edited 3634d ago )

will edit.


360's controller only mentioned 5 times!

And they suggest only buying it, if you need it.

Is there a need to mention the 360 in everything ps3 related on Kotaku? Im shocked they just didn't have links to buy a 360.

ThatCanadianGuy3634d ago

lol i read the first paragraph ( i don't give Kotaku hits )

And i'm only assuming they think it's useless.
I've been looking for one all day today.Are they even out in Canada yet?? :(

Nineball21123634d ago

Actually, they were really fair with their review...

For instance: "Most importantly, the keypad's light design and above-the-controller location makes it completely unnoticeable when you're gaming. While the 360 keypad is fairly out of the way, over time it annoyed me because the palms of my hands sort of rested on it. Not so with this keypad, it's practically invisible when you're playing."

It seems like a reasonable review to me.

WANNA GET HIGH3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

Who cares what kokatu thinks... :/

When IGN dose there review/preview of the keypad then i can read.
Kokatu can go suck a d1ck :D

mikeslemonade3633d ago

It isn't as sleek as the 360 keypad. Microsoft in mind knew they would be using a keypad eventually and that's why there chatpad is better. Once again I just believe that the 360 controller is more thought out than the PS3 controller. Sony should have stuck with the boomerang which was more sleek and ergonomic. Instead were stuck with a controller that gives cramps and breaks easily.

ThatCanadianGuy3633d ago

Mike..i usually agree with what you say.But that last sentence is just straight up B.S Cramps? Breaks easily? What!?!

I've had the same sixaxis controller i bought almost one and a half years ago.I drop it atleast 3-4 times a day.It works just as good as the day i bought it.

And no cramps here.Coming from a guy who plays PS3 minimum 5 hours a day.

jaysquared3633d ago

Did mike just said something good about the 360? wow amazing! Did somebody hack into mike's account and post this sh*t? Because there is no way its the same mike..

PlayStation3603633d ago

but I seriously wished they had released the boomerang. Don't get me wrong, I love the Dualshock. But I don't know, guess I'm weird like that. I may be alone on this, but I wished Sony would atleast brought the boomerang out for like a "limited edition" type thing or something. A piano black finish of course :P

Oh well. When Home is released, I'll get the keypad. :)

Danja3633d ago

Nopes I actually loved the Boomerang controller design but the media..bashed it till thy kingdom come so Sony stuck with the original DS and just made a few minor changes..

lento3633d ago

ya when i saw the boomerang i wanted it too... no one didnt even know how it felt in their hands yet as soon as soon as it was revealed, it came with everyone (it seemed) screaming about how bad it was going to be.... i..i just wanted to hold it

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dark loard3633d ago

i got one from game £18 and a sony mic £18

InMyOpinion3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

They haven't attached the 360 keypad properly lol!

NaiNaiNai3633d ago

yes lets put the keyboard above the controller. so you have to rest it on your lap while you thumb tap. >.> just buy a damn usb keyboard. they are cheaper and are much better.

ThatCanadianGuy3633d ago

"yes lets put the keyboard above the controller. so you have to rest it on your lap while you thumb tap."

But wouldn't you have to rest the keyboard on your lap to type?

pansenbaer3633d ago

Ha. Owned...but honestly, by the look of the picture of him holding it, it doesn't need to rest anywhere. You can just up your grip and start typing. Oh well, I have a USB keyboard and some USB extension cables and that's good enough for me.

NaiNaiNai3633d ago

theres no irony you idiot. its a controller. its ment to be in your hands, not your lap, plus you have to type with your thumbs. T_T. a keyboard can sit on a table or your lap. it would also be much easier to type with if your in a hurry. you fail for not looking at everything.

ThatCanadianGuy3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

"There's no irony you idiot"

You said that you would have to lay the controller on your lap to type.Then you go saying that the Keyboard is much better. also have to have to lay the keyboard on your lap to type.

Do you not understand the meaning of irony?
LOL! And you call ME an idiot?

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sirbigam3633d ago

PS3 blueray keyboard for me

zo6_lover273633d ago

Bluray keyboard?
Since when has there been a Bluray keyboard?

Danja3633d ago

He obviously meant Blue-tooth keyboard..

zo6_lover273633d ago

I know :)
Just felt like saying it

Sitdown3633d ago

Haha...your reply was hilarious.

lento3633d ago

when i saw "blueray keyboard" i was like.. whoa.. wait what did i miss

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