Too Late for PlayStation Home

Patrick Steen at writes:

"Home sweet Home. PlayStation 3's great online innovation has seemingly come nowhere since Phil Harrison's reveal in 2007. The lanky and loveable Brit left Sony, leaving his replacements to nurture the PS3's online golden child alone.

Home's successive delays might be due to a "naive" vision, but with its imminent release around the corner, mightn't it be just a little bit late for Sony to go Home?

Unlike Garry Glitter, whose return was always premature, PlayStation Home should have gone the distance long ago. Originally in concept for the PlayStation 2, but denied because of technical limitations, the 3D online application has had a muted and extended Beta, slowly dousing the flames of hype that originally danced around it.

It's doubtful that its pending release and offer of free goodies (shouldn't it all be free?) will build the hype once again.

Indeed, the service could even be doomed..."

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Beast_Master3274d ago

I think they should just release it and keep updating it throughout the year. People are tired of hearing about it, just release it as a Beta and promote new features via PSN videos and Core. It will not be a hit at first no matter how much stuff there is to do but eventually as features are added it will catch on.

I just hope that the trophy system is used dynamically throughout home. I don't buy games now unless they have trophies. I talking about you Smackdown vs. Raw 09!!

whoelse3274d ago

Home wont be too late as long as the Beta arrives (which should happen) before year end.

kapedkrusader3274d ago

...I got nothing else to say.

J8M7G3274d ago

'I don't buy games now unless they have trophies'
Thats sad...


But its over hyped.I am in the beta and i can confirm its nothing special.What is there is fun but its not the life changing online service most people hyped it up to be.

NipGrip3274d ago

I think it's more sad that a developer would release a game for the 360 with Achievements but won't be bothered to put in Trophies for the PS3. Support the system to it's fullest extent or you don't get my money either. It's not "sad", it's expecting everything that you can get for your dollar. You don't have to get the trophies you know. For those that do want them, why do you care? It's the dev. that is lazy because Sony didn't insist they put them in like MS yet they charge the same amount? I'm looking at you, Guitar Hero World Tour.

FantasyStar3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

I don't think it's sad. I'm the same way.

I don't bother to earn all trophies, but it's the principle of speaking with your wallet. I want all PS3 games to support Trophies, and custom soundtracks: so I'll buy only the games that does exactly that and hope that developers see that the sales reflect that fact that we want trophy support in our games instead of sometimes. It's irritating when a game now doesn't have trophy support or even plans to patch for it because it tells me that they're not apt enough to even give us the smallest of things that I pay for.

Although I do make exceptions sometimes if the game is bloody great. But I can sympathize well with Comment 1.1. It's not about being a trophy whore, but the principles of wanting all PS3 games to support trophies. However I take it a step further and want custom-soundtracks as well. Hell I want Sony to mandate Trophy support, Custom-Soundtracks support, Youtube support, and screencap support. What's the point of adding features if only 1 out of 100 games supports any one of those features. Sony has a chance to totally outdo Microsoft but their "let the developers decide for themselves" mentality is simply ****ing things up. PS3 developers have proven time and time again that if given the choice, they'll take cheapest route and you know who suffers from that decision?

The PS3 gamers.

ape0073274d ago

it's not too late imo

in 2009,all games will be build up on ps3 as the main system and all game will have trophies,if sony release home now,it will be the perfect timing,so all things come in a full circle.

just please sony,add game invites and join session in progress,both of these can be done from anywhere using in game xmb and add cross game chatting and a huge ad campaign(Imagine if kz2 was 360 exclusive and it's 2 months away?)

if you do this sony,ps3 will be absolutely perfect

listen to me sony,please

Anon19743274d ago

I'm sure when it launches, PS3 users are going to stay away in droves. Big ole free social networking sight, staring them right in the faces and they're going to resist and turn away.

Get real!

Alvadr3274d ago

Makes me disappointed that people b!tch, cry and scream Sony Sucks when they are trying to offer its gamers a FREE service.

Not meny companies do stuff for free these days, you should be gratefull that Sony put so much time into making this great.

Beast_Master3274d ago

I don't think it is too much to ask for a Trophy patch on games that where released after September. I mean if GTA4, Mercs 2 and Burnout can get patched why not SvsR 09 and Guitar Hero? Fallout 3 is getting a patch. I plan on putting a lot of time into my game purchases, Since Oct I have: Dead Space, LBP, R2, [email protected], PoP, Quantum of Sol., and Bioshock. They all have trophies, I have built up a gamer score. SvR09 is a game I would put more hours into than most games and not to have that added to my score kinda sucks considering its release. If next year's SvR is basically the same game as this years but has trophies I should just wait. Also a Patch would help THQ sell the copies next year.

I mean if it has achievments then it should get a trophy patch, they say they are supporting the game with up to date story lines throughout the year, so just give us trophies THQ! And their is no excuse why GH shouldn't be patched if you sell additional tracks.

Raz3274d ago

The customization of your Home space was one of the key selling points for me - and there's precious little of it. Home is also a monster download, so unless you've got a 100 gig drive installed, it's going to eat up most of your storage. I had to delete most of my downloaded games and even some game data just to make room for it on my 60 gig drive.

It's mildly interesting to hang out in a virtual space and make virtual friends, have conversations etc. but frankly: this is not a revolutionary 'console seller'. It's not even that interesting; seems a clunky alternative to my XMB. While there remains some potential, I'm disappointed that this is the most Sony's been able to come up with after all this time...but I'm not precisely surprised.

claney3274d ago

O Noo! did it reserve 3gig on your hard drive?
O Shlt only 50gig left for other stuff... quick
you best go buy a 500gig hard drive you got no space left!

Lombax3274d ago

@ 1.13
Bwaaaahahahaaaaa ha ha oh ho... funnie shi...

@ 1.12
uh Mr. "beta tester" it's a BETA!!! the shops aren't even fully open yet, thus no stuff to buy, ergo no stuff to put in your house... you do know what being a beta tester means right?

Raz3270d ago

@ 1.13 & 1.14

Grow up. And while you're at it, learn how to read. The subject line said 'beta tester opinion', not 'expert analysis'. If you don't agree with my opinion, that's your business; but it's hardly an excuse to behave like douches. ..Not that trolls need one.

My main complaint was that I can't customize the house itself - just the furniture, which is what I meant by there being little in the way of customization. Forming a Running Man conga line loses its appeal quickly, and why would I play in a virtual online arcade when I have better games on my PS3? To unlock a new t-shirt??

As an analogy: I wanted LBP, not The Sims. Wow, custom furniture in a pre-fab space that's otherwise like everyone else's. Yeah, that's really worth a trip to the virtual stores. Hey, maybe they'll come up with more molds to choose from - then I'll just have a space identical to everyone else who bought it, too.

I also said it still has potential; but I'm disappointed (with good reason) that more hasn't been done considering all the delays. Considering further the massive job cuts and billions in cutbacks Sony is now making, I don't see a lot more innovation upcoming.

So, go on - tell me these aren't valid issues and I'll laugh in your face.

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Nineball21123274d ago

Home will be successful... It already is, imo.

Captain_Sony3274d ago

Sorry but nothing is a success before it is released. If we looked at everything else for PS3 that you probably also assumed would be an instant success we might get a more valid idea about how Home will be welcomed.. How well was Lair recieved? Haze? HS? LBP? anser is not very well at all.

Nineball21123274d ago


I hate to be the first one to break the news to you, but two things...

1. Those are games that you listed, Home is not a "game".

2. Those games were actually sold to customers, Home is free.

Any other brilliant trollish comments you'd like to make?

Darkseider3274d ago

DOOMED!! Major tech vendors, VG publishers and studios and commercial entities signing up for advertising an exposure! DOOMED I TELL YOU!!! DOOMED!!!


techie3274d ago

Read the article asshat.

Darkseider3274d ago

I did, asshat. The article is nothing but a bunch of negative, speculative bullsh*t.

From the article:

"It’s doubtful that its pending release and offer of free goodies (shouldn’t it all be free?) will build the hype once again. "

"To do this they need to surpass the gamer's view of Nintendo’s Miis and the Xbox 360’s avatars. And despite the latter struggling to be cool, PlayStation Home has more at stake. Its extras must be justified to the public, and will fail if it’s viewed as a Second Life clone about dressing up a sad avatar to make you feel better about your own sad life"

So ummm... aside from quoting the article and poitning out the blatantly negative spin. I see nothing more than "OMG!! DOOMED I TELL YOU!! DOOMED!!!" The author offers a brief opinion of how Sony should market it to make it successful, mind you he states it's the ONLY way.

"No, Sony can only bring it home if they advertise the service as an extension of the PlayStation 3’s great software library."

So ummm.. yeah. Like I said. ASSHAT


P.S. Skip the bowl of failios next time.

techie3274d ago

Don't be such a retard. It's an opinion piece on Sony marketing/advertising. It's hopeful, not negative. Have you even read that guys writing before, or read Gamezine. There's loads of pro-PS3.

If you can't get past the fact that I stopped the quote at "doomed" then you're a bit dumb.

Counter_ACT3274d ago

Funny how they said that it has to offer more than Xbox's Mii rip offs. All you can do is look at those, right? If Home was just Home square and customisable avatars it'd already be more than what 360 offers in that area.

techie3274d ago

Yes but the point is Counter, that they get it accross to the public - and that's people who haven't yet bought a PS3.

3274d ago
HowarthsNJ3274d ago

This is just another cry for site hits.

I can understand if you have connections to it in some way, but it is what it is.

I'm personally creeped out by Home and Second Life, but my wife loves running around in the virtual world shopping and socializing.

It's a hit with people who share her sensibilities already.

Mii's and 360 Avatars don't even come close to this experience. Sony has nothing to prove IMO.

Darkseider3274d ago

No I haven't read anything else from this site, pro-PS3 or not. This is the first article I have read and regardless of the fact that it is an opinion piece it has a negative spin. First impressions are always the best and this left a negative one...

Now back on topic... DOOMED I TELL YOU! DOOMED!!!!

techie3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

The conclusion of the article is pretty clear. Sony must advertise it properly. If they don't, it will be seen like a cheap Second Life piece of sh*t, even if it isn't.

"To succeed, Home must be seen for what it is; an invisible platform for taking video games to another level. And not seen as a weird community for unsociable's to find their next date."

And lets face it, Sony is hardly good at advertising of late.

They also wrote this:

Why are NXE characters so uncool?

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ultimolu3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

...I'm selling my PS3.
Obviously Sony sucks, Home sucks, and the 360 fanboys were right about it having no games.

/sarcasm to the 100th degree.

Home can be a successful feature if people give it a chance. Facebook and MYSpace didn't become successful overnight. It took interaction, and the community itself to make it what it is today.

Sony screwed up by not releasing Home when they were supposed to release it (among many other things) but it's not a failure.

NaiNaiNai3274d ago

second life on the ps3. T_T wow thats sad

ultimolu3274d ago

Your life must be sad. T_T

You've never tried the service, never played on a PS3 and yet you judge it.

Sad life indeed. T_T

PoSTedUP3274d ago

the home beta is really good and regardless it is going to make sony alot of money from advertisements.

it will live up to the hype and it will be what everyone wants it to be.

cant wait till i get rewarded from collecting trophys! : P

Kill Crow3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

will buy a PS3 because it has HOME.

Exactly the same amount of people (zero) will buy an Xbox because of NXE and AVATARDS.

And the same amount of people (that's none in case you missed it) will buy a wii because of it's online service whatever that is.

HOWEVER, almost ALL people will buy a console because of the games they offer(KZ2, Gears of War 2, wii Fit(omg) etc), or what their mates have so they can join them online, or simply because it has a blue ray player.

HOME will not sell PS3's.

EDit - Only game that's managed to move any consoles this year was MGS4 ... LBP and Resistance have moved very few.

And Price cut ... How many times has that been denied by sony but it's ALL everyone ever speaks about .... at the moment there is no price cut on the way ... Right NOW, in the holiday season - that's where the price cut would make the most difference .... not next year .... by then xbox's lead will be back to 8 or 9 million ....

ultimolu3274d ago

...Nobody said that it would move consoles.

The games overall will, combined with a pricecut next year.

Bubble Buddy3274d ago

NaiNaiNai - Your life is probably sad.

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Counter_ACT3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

Wtf. There's not much like Home, certainly not on any of the current consoles. I think, and hope it will be a huge hit. Can't wait to see what they do with it. It's awesome!