No Unreal Engine 3 on Wii - EVER

Epic boss Mark Rein says UE3 is designed for next-gen, high-definition.

Epic VP Mark Rein has been speaking to Wired News about the success of the Unreal Engine 3, especially since the firm recently licensed it to a Japanese developer for the first time.

"'s not in our plans to bring Unreal Engine 3 to the Wii. It's really designed for next-gen, high-definition.
It can't be easy to get Japanese developers on board, because they traditionally use their own engines."

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PS360WII4250d ago

I'm thinking of a word.... can't come up with it.... what was it now...

ah yes "duh"

Yes the Wii is the best system out there now but in no way is it good for the hd viewing pleasure the 360 and PS3 give us ^^

PS360WII4250d ago

it is easily the best. It doesn't even have to have 100 games to make it better it only needed one and it came packed in with it ^^

It's a wonderful time to be a gamer!