Gamefly Top 10 for Feb. 5, 2007

Lost Planet, Crackdown, and Battlestations: Midway continue to hold the top 3, while Diddy Kong Racing for the Nintendo DS and God of War 2 for the PS2 plug away at the coveted top spot. The newly released Sonic the Hedgehog is at the top of the Playstation 3 list, while Wario Ware: Smooth Moves tops the charts for the Nintendo Wii

Here is the complete list:.

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Balance4270d ago

uhhh, i didn't think the ps3 version of sonic was all that different from the 360 version. that game SUCKS, why is it at the top for the ps3?

techie4270d ago

It's what people are ASKING about - not what is the best game. Bit sad they were asking about sonic - I didn't think kids could afford a ps3...

TheMART4270d ago (Edited 4270d ago )

Because there are no good games for the PS3. Plus, Playstation is the brand that sells to kids a lot, while XBOX 360 is more for grown ups.

I guess it's 1+1=2

Sonic sells on PS3? mhoahahahaa that's actually very, very sad

"Most Popular Games Cross-Platform:

Rank Title Platform Category Publisher
1 Crackdown Xbox 360 Action Adventure Microsoft
2 Lost Planet: Extreme Condition Xbox 360 Action Adventure Capcom
3 Battlestations: Midway Xbox 360 Action Adventure Eidos
4 NBA Street Homecourt Xbox 360 Sports Electronic Arts
5 Grand Theft Auto IV Xbox 360 Action Adventure Take Two
6 Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas Xbox 360 Shooter Ubisoft
7 Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 Xbox 360 Shooter Ubisoft
8 God of War II PlayStation 2 Action Adventure Sony Computer Entertainment
9 Fuzion Frenzy 2 Xbox 360 Arcade/Puzzle Microsoft
10 Diddy Kong Racing Nintendo DS Racing Nintendo"

wow... damn, almost all of them are 360 titles

Devastator_oftheweak4270d ago

Let's see here the list you gave is a lot of games that have not even come out yet, but somehow you have them listed as the best. as for tailoring to kids, the 360 is tailoring to kids far more than the PS3, case in point you had sonic first, you have Viva (g*y ass) pinata, need we say more. As for your list though let me see. Number one on the list comes out on the 22nd and its only popular because of all the Halo c0ck smokers out there that think Halo is the greatest game to ever grace the platform, please. Number 5 wont be out until Octobet, so cross that off, Homecourt isnt out yet, nor is GRAW 2, and for Playstation 2 God of war isn't out yet.

why dont you just take your XBOX toting peter puffing ass back into your room before your mommy comes out and finds you playing on the computer. Gears is truly the only game 360 has that is worth a damn and you know it.