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Free Multiplayer Gaming for Silver Memberships on Xbox Live

Players with Xbox Live Silver Memberships will have the opportunity to taste some of the multiplayer experience before they upgrade to gold memberships. Microsoft is calling this "Friendship is Free" and for a month these players that have yet to upgrade will see the multiplayer functionality functions for eight games be unlocked for them to try out. (A Kingdom for Keflings, Aegis Wing, Bomberman Live, Halo 3, Hardwood Hearts, Hardwood Spades, Small Arms, Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo: HD Remix, UNO, Xbox 360)

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vitz3  +   2457d ago
Free online P2P multiplayer gaming. So revolutionary, I wish Blizzard would have done this before.
jaysquared  +   2457d ago
Again M$ innovates while Sony imitates
Definitely a revolution! That's why Sony copied them! LOL!

Yes M$ innovates... Everybody knows PSN pretty much copied everything off XBL.. Trophies, In game XMB, Movie Service, etc etc etc... XBL has been around for 5 years and yes there were console online services before like the Dreamcast but none as revolutionary as XBL for a console. When fXBL first launch I was able to check and send messages ingame and to different users who are playing different games than me and all the games supported ingame chat. PSN wasn't able to do that till just recenlty. This gen the PS3 is pretty much copying M$ has on its consoles. Seriously if the 360 didn't have an achievement system, in game dashboard, movie services, now rental services the PS3 would just be plain as it did when it launched. So my title quote stays true!
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Rick AstIey  +   2457d ago
Paying to play online = Microsoft innovates?

PSN is free and supports dedicated servers rather than last gen P2P networking.
Engineer  +   2457d ago
The amount of missed sarcasm on this site is hilarious ;)
Elven6  +   2457d ago
A common misconception with the 360 and PS3 :/

Not all live games are P2P many multiplayer intensive games have dedicated servers. Just has many PSN games use P2P, not all games have dedicated servers.
Tomdc  +   2457d ago
I thourght every new xbox came with a months free gold membership wih it anyway!?
jaysquared  +   2457d ago
To the Sony Fans.
So I get 14 disagrees but nobody wants to argue my statements? how about stating why you disagree with my statement? Its probably because you can't!
Willio  +   2457d ago
Ms innovated Red ring and Sony/Wii doesnt want to immitate.
Proxy  +   2457d ago
PS3 didn't copy 360.
PS3 copied the PC. Just like the 360 did.

However, 360 did "innovate" monthly charges for what is free on all other platforms.
princejb134  +   2457d ago
@ jaysquared
even though your opinion may be true
it may also be true that MS saw how popular/succesful, sony was with releasing the playstation
they also saw how much money sony was making out of the gaming industry
thus, MS wanted a piece of that pie, and money and further released the xbox
vickers500  +   2457d ago
"So I get 14 disagrees but nobody wants to argue my statements? how about stating why you disagree with my statement? Its probably because you can't!"

It's because you and your statement are so ridiculously f*cking stupid that it's not even worth it. Any fact that could be argued to you and that could be proven, would fly straight over your head. Trying to argue with you is like trying to argue with the likes of TheMART or Firstknight: completely pointless.
jaysquared  +   2457d ago

And guess who dominates in the PC industry? M$ as well! So M$ pretty much copied itself! LOL! Yeah think before you talk!

"even though your opinion may be true
it may also be true that MS saw how popular/succesful, sony was with releasing the playstation
they also saw how much money sony was making out of the gaming industry
thus, MS wanted a piece of that pie, and money and further released the xbox "

What are you trying to suggest here? Sony did the same thing as did Nintendo. These companies copy each other but M$ really revolutionize the console industry with the introduction of XBL. Sony revolutionize the industry as well with the introduction of a disc based machine but that was also copied from Sega when cuz they came out with the Sega CD first.

@vickers- Try me bro.. I'm open ears I would like to know how PSN isn't a copy of XBL. Go ahead i'm all ears. Yes I'm a fan of the 360 but i'm not a blind fanboy. I always gave props to Sony for giving those updates they do and all for free. I resent M$ for charging for XBL and would perfer it free. So please I would love to hear your argument. Hopefully i'll have enough bubles though.
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vickers500  +   2457d ago
"Yes M$ innovates... Everybody knows PSN pretty much copied everything off XBL.. Trophies, In game XMB, Movie Service, etc etc etc..."

MS did not innovate any of that, so that one little statement nullifies your entire argument. Achievements were on the pc ages before the 360, and downloadable movie services have been around a long time as well.

And I wouldn't go throwing around that statement "sony copies EVERYTHING off of microsoft". Seriously, after the NXE update, it is painfully and embarassingly obvious that ms is copying from sony. They've even started to copy littlebigplanet. In reality, microsoft hasn't innovated in a long @$$ time, they have run out of ideas and all they can do at the moment is throw millions of dollars at something to profit off of their "originality".
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tehReaper  +   2457d ago
"MS did not innovate any of that, so that one little statement nullifies your entire argument. Achievements were on the pc ages before the 360, and downloadable movie services have been around a long time as well."

Really, now? Before Xbox LIVE, when was the last time you saw those features on a console? That's innovation, my friend. Achievements were never so simple, Microsoft made them simple. Video services were offered over the net, but how long have they been offered on a console?

Pretty much EVERY feature XBL brought to the 360, Sony now has some form of it. I call it friendly competition, fanboys call it copying. In reality, every company copies. It's the flow of business.
vickers500  +   2457d ago
"That's innovation, my friend."

No, it's not. It is stealing an idea and changing little details. You wouldn't call someone who copies someones song and replaces a couple of words innovative would you? They have done nothing new, they have just brought what has already been invented to consoles, which is NOT innovation.
tehReaper  +   2457d ago

You're going to have some form of copying with ANYTHING. Think for a second. Here's an example: LittleBigPlanet is very innovative in my mind. Media Molecule took creating tools and platforming, and mixed them. I'm pretty sure level editing has been around for a while and I don't even have to defend platforming. It's innovative because it breathed new life into platformers. Just like XBL did for consoles.

See, I even gave a pro-PS3 example. Innovation is flawed, as nothing will ever be truly original. Everything stems from something.
Why o why  +   2457d ago
'friendship is free' until ur month is up!
are you frikkin kiddin me or what. Thats its MS give em a taste then 'wallop' F U PAY ME because they'll be hooked right?
OfficerTenpenny  +   2457d ago
they will have to purchase or have purchased the games to truly enjoy them too, so they will make some money on the sales too.
Nineball2112  +   2457d ago
LOL @ Why o why!!

I was thinking the exact same thing when I read that. Couldn't they have thought of a more appropriate slogan?

C'mon let's all admit.... Friendship is DEFINITELY NOT free with MS.
darthv72  +   2457d ago
Is a month not long enough? When the cable companies give away free weekends of HBO or Showtime I don't complain. Can't really see what is to complain about getting free month on live. Usually they give 48 hours of free live with certain games (gears2 had a card for it). I'll take a month of free over 48 hours any day.

Oh and when the cable free weekend is over...I just go back to watching regular cable or movies. I just wish they would have them more often (or maybe a months worth of free HBO).
Why o why  +   2457d ago
'friendship is free'
thats my problem. free trials are always good but to accompany it with that slogan just seems counter-productive because in essence friendship is NOT free on xbl
Fishy Fingers  +   2457d ago
Pretty good idea, better if you could play any game, should of thrown a free month in for the Gold Subscribers to. Keep it fair.
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Counter_ACT  +   2457d ago
but its not a good idea because you cant play any game
sajj316  +   2457d ago
Says Sony ... Come my gamers, its fun and free :) We don't discriminate!
jmare  +   2457d ago
What's sad is it's not games like Halo, gears or CoD, it's XBLA games. While they might be fun, this would work better with the big games that people play online.
Counter_ACT  +   2457d ago
Jesus christ, what a misleading title. Only games you can play online for free (for a month) with a silver are like 8 games, network titles.
Mr402  +   2457d ago
Silver should be free online multiplayer for everyone.
Gold should be of course demos and free stuff also dedicated servers for the top AAA multiplayer titles. Let the silver subscribers have P2P and of course pay for DLC etc. It will never happen but we could hope.
jmare  +   2457d ago
Microsoft would lose so much money by doing that. At least half the people on Live now would go down to Silver if they could play online for free.
locos85  +   2457d ago
I know i would go silver. It doesn't matter, i'm not renewing my subscription when it expires anyways. The only difference between Gold and Silver is being able to play online. I will do that on my PS3.
THE_BATTLERAGER  +   2457d ago
Live needs amping up
Sony is nearly ready to crush the Xbox, I don't like to admit it, but right now sony's offering is better, mostly because PSN is free. Microsoft are charging way too much for everything. DLC should be cheaper, Gold should be free or cheaper for long-time members (i have had live since it's incarnation). And silver should let you play online.
Right now I am on the verge of saying screw it and asking my parents for a PS3. Stupid RROD and disc scratching cd drive. If I had never got live and got a PS3 instead it would have ended up cheaper.

Microsoft need to start convincing us why we should buy the 360 over PS3. Because even after a long time supporting xbox, i will admit that 2009 could well be the year of the PS3. Any PS3 price drop would be devastating.
locos85  +   2457d ago
Online multiplayer should be free. If PSN can do it why can't XBL. I have both consoles and do not notice a difference in online play.
INehalemEXI  +   2457d ago
bubbles , I hear that.
Captain Tuttle  +   2457d ago
You're right loco...
But thinking realistically, there's a much bigger chance that Sony will eventually charge for online play than there is for MS to make Live free. The revenue is just too much to ignore. And Sony's free online (since launch) hasn't really done much to put the 360 out of business. Live just keeps getting more and more subscribers. I don't see how Sony can ignore this.

If Sony would charge for online they could use that money to fund a price cut. Just charge $30/year instead off MS's $50.
InMyOpinion  +   2457d ago
I wouldn't mind it being free as long as it stays the way it is. Unfortunately I don't think that is possible. People who claim that PSN is just as good as XBL are deluded.
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Why o why  +   2457d ago
can we play our mates online just like you do on xbl....
the main fundamental of online play? If yes then what you are paying for is bells and whistles. You guys are punters now. No discount for 3+ whatever years of live. If you actually HAVE a brother or sister in the same house..... THEY HAVE TO PAY TOO, cumon man. scream all u want about the minute differences but u still cant play 60 players and the xboxs best game can only muster..... how many players again????;)

the disagree'er

too many 'only child' console owners. HEY MAAAAAA, CANNI GET SOME MEATLOAF

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Lord Xire  +   2457d ago
What you fail to know is that XBL is more then just a simple multiplayer online service.

XBL is more active, alive, and is more rewarding then the PsN and the cross gamer interface makes communication and the bond between friends better and more interactive making people want to EMBRACE more into the XBL community which is why it constantly grows.

I've been using the PsN since launch and I can tell you that the community can be considered a lifeless sesspool compared to the XBL.
Go join a random 60player Skirmish in Resistance 2 and count how many people even communicate....

60players on XBL would be chaotic which is why I'm glad no developers were dumb enough to waste space on such a feature.....but I'm sure Insomniac knows the PsN enough to know it wouldn't be a problem.

To add the NXE is more then what you hear....most pro Sony people I know about talk about the big things like Netflix and Avatars.

When they don't know or are afraid to admit that the NXE is the ultimate media HUD. Full Descriptions, Box Art, Screenshots, Instant Streamed Previews for demos, content, movies and more.

IGN Insider and several other game related videos can be found in the "Inside Xbox" section and DO NOT have to be downloaded you just click and watch.

IF THAT IS NOT steps above the PsN I fear that there's no common sense that can change your mind.

EDIT: 5:21pm there is 51,474 players on COD:WAW on the PSN
5:24pm there is 178,618 players on COD:WAW on the XBL

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VampHuntD  +   2457d ago
Like why o why said, the main part of online play is online play. XBL is making you pay for bells and whistles that aren't needed but certainly do add to the ease of use.

Then again, is it really that hard to pop in a game and hit connect? It's not like using in-game chat is going to help you and a buddy get into a game together. If you're playing one game and he/she is playing another, in game chat is NOT going to switch discs for you. You still have to get up and do it. Not to mention I would HATE having someone talking to me when I'm trying to play a game and they are playing something different. That's just mega distraction.
Lord Xire  +   2457d ago
Alot of things "aren't" needed but in order to move forward and create a new standard among the mass public is why Xbox Live is what it is.

Color wasn't needed for TV's was it?
Rear View backing cameras weren't needed for cars were they?
GPS isn't needed to Navigate is it?

NO but they are there to make it easier and more accessible and to increase overall quality which is why you cannot try to downplay XBL due to it's grand features that NONE of it's competitors have yet to implement.
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InMyOpinion  +   2456d ago
I'm happy as long as I don't have to install demos and endure those godawful download times that PSN has. I also like being able to do cross-game invites and be able to use voicechat in all games. It's also nice to have achievements in all games.
Eiffel  +   2457d ago
This is WAAAY Old news.
ravinshield  +   2457d ago
thank you microsoft even though i wont use this since my live service wont expire till 2010
iMarcus  +   2457d ago

goddamn man, thats planning ahead.

I still got about 9 months left before I need to recharge mine, although with all the 1 month trial codes I get I'll probably be alright for at least another 3 months on top of that.
VampHuntD  +   2457d ago
The free month is a good idea
The bad idea is the limit to 8 games. What if I have none of those games? Why wouldn't they just give a free month of gold? They do it with every xbox anyway so why limit this one?

Seems pretty pointless to me really.
Cajun Chicken  +   2457d ago
Getting there.
cheapndirty  +   2457d ago
That is what I pay for 13 months of XBL. I do the prepaid cards online to save a little.

XBL is much better than psn in many ways. PSN has xbl when it comes to the web browser ( I love watching you tube via my 60gb ps3 on my 103' projector).

Sure I could save 39.00 every 13 months and cancel live, but it seems like such a small price to pay for a very robust online service. In fact this drives me crazy about PSN: If I push the guide button on the 360 while watching a movie on the 360 it pulls up the blades and friends lists. Everthing basically. On the ps3 it asks me if I want to turn off the ps3. That drives me nuts. I like seeing what my friends are doing while I am watching a movie and can not do that with the ps3.
tehReaper  +   2457d ago
Interesting...I guess if you don't already have a Gold XBL membership(why not, 50 a year isn't that bad), this will be perfect for you.
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