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Submitted by ThaTeflonDon 2626d ago | news

N-word used in Animal Crossing PR gaffe

Every now and then, game companies' PR and marketing backfires. Sony's 2007 God of War II promotional party featuring a decapitated goat made Fortune's list of the 101 Dumbest Business Moments of the year. Then there was the Wii port of Okami, for which Capcom swiped cover art from gaming site IGN--and forgot to remove the watermark.

This week sees another such misstep, this committed by Nintendo in an effort to promote the interoperability of the recently released Animal Crossing: City Folk with 2005's Animal Crossing: Wild World for the DS. (Animal Crossing: City Folk, Animal Crossing: Wild World, Nintendo DS)

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Jamie Foxx  +   2626d ago

and yes gamespot it is THAT bad..i see cute wholesome mario with the words 'how are you ni**a' next to him... you douchebags
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SL1M DADDY  +   2626d ago
So let me get this right...
Sony has the decency to pull their biggest 2008 title a week prior to launch date for a song that has two verses from the Quran but Ninty get's off scott-free for using a racial slur? Ok...
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Sitdown  +   2625d ago
"Their biggest 2008 title"?
I disagree. "Decency"? Are you sure about that.....I feel that it was done more so to prevent the backlash from it being there.
Tony P  +   2625d ago
Re: SL1M DADDY, 1.1
While similar, they're two different things.

For one, LBP was made readily available to the public while this incident only affected 14 people in the media apparently. While egregious to give the freaking media that kind of fuel, it's totally different from little Timmy opening his DS to find the Source Awards.
LeSouteneur  +   2625d ago
Nah, it's not racist
Black people say it all the time. It's not like it was spelled n***er. It was spelled with an a. If rap albums can say it, why can't video games? And it could've been someone's name even, not as a slur at all. The valedictorian of my High school was named Nigger, yes, no joke, and she was Indian.
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Marceles  +   2625d ago
I'm black and usually I don't get mad at something like's just how you say it, I can tell when I'm supposed to be pissed. I laughed looking at the picture because it was said so politely, no one says "how are you n****?"
Rick AstIey  +   2625d ago
@ Souteneur: Lol it's only racist when a person that isn't black says it.
FantasyStar  +   2625d ago
Ni**a is not a racial slur. Ni**er however is. In my neighborhood, we don't care if a white man says Ni**a because we're all cool with each other. Of course we get problem folks occasionally. People say that racism is bad for society, yet people still practice it, even in politics.

How hypocritical.
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hulud86  +   2626d ago
How does this happen? Nintendo just released an official response to this issue. I added it as an alt source from
hulud86  +   2626d ago
Nevermind gamespot added in the response
Sony Defense Farce   2626d ago | Spam
ThaTeflonDon  +   2626d ago
After finding this article....
and reading about Sony .. I had to look that information up.... you've got to read this if anyone else missed the GOWII act like I did...
pwnsause  +   2626d ago
The Gods Require Sacrifice for the Party.
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pixelsword  +   2626d ago
It's a goat, big deal...'s no different than having suckling pig at a party.

or roadkill in front of your house at an outdoors birthday party.
ThaTeflonDon  +   2625d ago
You're sick
Its a hacked goat! .... not cooked on grill or anything .. beheaded!! ... and thats fine with you? .... SICK! ... but thats the world these days
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andron666  +   2625d ago
I see the fud machine is hard at work...

This is a better link if you want to know about the "infamous Goat stunt".

And Nintendo should have known better than to let user generated content into PR material. You just can't trust us LOL...
pixelsword  +   2625d ago
Yeah, I think it's okay...
...I realize that the meat that you eat comes from an animal, so it doesn't bother me to see that sort of thing. Perhaps because most people are disconnected from that reality, they think seeing the "unrendered product" is somehow barbaric or sick.

i see it as natural to a person who wants to eat meat.
solidt12  +   2625d ago
Nothing wrong with hacking a goat as long as you are going to eat it. Don't waste good meat!
solidt12  +   2625d ago
Forbes or Money said it was one of the dumbest business mistakes but I think it was the most awesome game promotion ever. Getting fed grapes by a topless chick is so Hugh Hefner Pimp.
pwnsause  +   2626d ago
I dont know if I want to laugh or be serious about this. The fact that this is Nintendo that we are talking about, makes the whole situation bad.
Panthers  +   2626d ago
lol. i dont know what to say. that is funny
Prismo_Fillusion  +   2626d ago
I'm sorry if this offends anyone, but that's absolutely hilarious.
Tony P  +   2625d ago
Irony should be funny.

It's so absurd and unexpected, I can't help but laugh. It's like finding hardcore pornography in a copy of Nintendogs.
thewho  +   2626d ago
i'm black and don't find this offensive
Jamie Foxx  +   2625d ago
..racism on any level,black/white is unacceptable
GRRiMREEAPeR  +   2625d ago
thats exactly what i said. our parents and grandparents literaly went through Hell just so u could have a fair shot at life... and thewho ur attitude is a spit in the face to them
likedamaster  +   2625d ago
Oh Lord, there goes Jamie and his rant. Go swing by the "hood" and you'll see that's the norm. Foolish article.
KingDizzi  +   2626d ago
Oh come on you have to laugh at this, Nintendo doing this in the most family friendly game I can think of. No idea what Nintendo was thinking though, there making so much money from anything with Wii on it they probably got a kid to write out the script of this game.
pixelsword  +   2626d ago
...That sentence is right below the horrible stereotypical "Asian whore" phrase...

'luv' U long time.

And that character in the game dropped the N-bomb on Mario.

Talking about blowing it, Nintendo.
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ThaTeflonDon  +   2625d ago
nice ... didn't notice that ... haha
InMyOpinion  +   2625d ago

I bet they were inspired by the 'too boku' scene in Full Metal Jacket.
pixelsword  +   2625d ago
I didn't think about that, Jenzo!

There may be something to that.

Maybe Mario's packin' some Alabama blacksnake.
Tony P  +   2625d ago
Anyone remember Mr Gay?

Sometimes wonder if Nintendo screws with us like Disney and those "objectionable" images from the animated films.
va_bank  +   2625d ago
Yes, this is wrong, but...
Keep in mind that this is made in Japan.

In a lot of other countries they look at American pop culture and try to immitate it, without knowing the background of where it all came from. They see rap videos and assume that this "N-word" (makes me think Nintendo, instead of the original meaning BTW) is just one of the ways cool people greet each other. I myself is of eastern- european descent and see this all the time. Just go to youtube and type in "Russian Rap". You're going to see some of the funniest sh*t you've ever seen. It's twice as funny when you realize that these people are being serious.
Matpan  +   2625d ago
Ok, please, someone clarify me this... I am from Argentina, therefore, though I know somehow how this goes I don't really know the inside outs of all this "nigga" issue.

So, African Americans and (I guess) among friends (i.e. a white dude who has an African American friend) use the word sometimes, right? (I even guess someone can be called nigga even without being African American, just for the sound of it, like saying dude...) Or is it completely offensive and totally going out of use?

I mean, because if it has become a totally inoffensive word among civilized and friendly people, I don´t see the fuss about this... (I really don´t get racism at all... I just cannot grasp the notion of someone trying to be offensive towards another person because of the color of its skin, religious belief or any traits of appearance, place of origin or line of thought)

But maybe it´s just me and the fact that I don´t come from a country marked by a civil war due to slavery and racism.

I just hope the day comes when we can all say whitey / nigga / and any other thing like that and everyone understanding it is a lighthearted nick with no bad intention whatsoever.
#14 (Edited 2625d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
ThaTeflonDon  +   2625d ago
I'll give you my opinion on the use of the word being I am black and from the south states in Louisiana and use the slang version everyday.

Well you know word "Nigger" was used to describe blacks during slavery times and as a racial slur to degrade blacks.... read an American history book for more info on that...

Now its used by everyone (almost & mostly by the younger generation) ... blacks, whites and even Asian call themselves "Nigga" ... don't ask me why but I would say its because of today's hip hop culture and widely popular rap videos ... but its usually pronounced "Nigga" (ah sound on the end ..slang) and not "Nigger" (derogatory)

Although widely used by all, it is still respected by other races not to say it in front of other Blacks due to respect .... but if someone does its usually because they know that person personally or looking for a good fight

Anyone else feel free to add on to this...
Matpan  +   2625d ago
I see, thanks for the insight. Though I knew it came from the term "nigger", I didn´t know the common use among people in the US.

I guess it still is a "sensible" issue, which is perfectly ok given the history of slavery and racism. And anyways, I guess calling someone by a nick which makes reference to race/religion withought even knowing that person will always be offensive...

Anyways, this does nothing but stress my point. Mario does know that little guy he is talking to... He is not like looking to the screen and saying "Hi, niggas"... Whatever... I guess it can still be found offensive. I still wish in the future this feelings wash away as people learn to respect each other no matter what.
hamsterfist  +   2625d ago
No white people don't go around calling black people "niggas" in america. Even amongst friends. Yes I am sure there are exceptions to this but it is a good way to get your ass kick, kind of lame, and only something wannabes do. Watch Chris Rock sometime. However he says it is ok for white people to say nigga when singing along to rap music. =)

I really doubt Barrack Obama's friends call him nigga, white or black. Just something to think about.
va_bank  +   2625d ago
Your post proves my point - these things are not very clearly defined to people living outside U.S. So I would say no one meant any offense when this game was created. It looks like they were just firing off some western punchlines without getting to much into it "love u long time" is another western culture reference.
Matpan  +   2625d ago
@hamsterfist and va_bank
thanks for the data, and yup, it's a big world, so it surely meant no offense at all, specially coming from the opposite side of the globe :P

It's normal to see reference to one's culture from abroad being totally misplaced usually... like Madona's Evita... :P

It surely takes some time around living in a place to actually get to understand how people treat each other and what may or may not be an offense.

Thanks for the answer, you learn something new every day :D
GRRiMREEAPeR  +   2625d ago
well since everyone is throwing around Opinions
i give you mine..
As a black man that has experianced racism, and know the history of this country and that word, i am offended when i hear it. it is a pwerful word for good reason. it stirs up bad feelings and emotions of a country not so different than it is now. yes weve grown teremendously since the lynchings and civil rights era, but go on xbox live or Psn and u can get disqusted.

i see no difference in nigger or nigga. they both mean the same thing to me and to the majority of black people. i dont use the word and i dont like to hear it. Yes even in Rap or Music vids.

it serves a purpose, and i dont belive any word should be censored, but i see a lack of respect for Blacks whenever the term is thrown around. its a shame such a terrible word is so commonplace here that it is used in a japanese video game as a greeting. SMH.
Huntmaster17  +   2625d ago
Thanks grimreaper. I don't care if it ends with "er" or "ga" don't call me that bullshit. Its a freakin slap in the face to me and my elders. Teflondon I live in Louisiana as well and I can't speak for you, but for me and my family we don't play that s***.
LostChild  +   2625d ago
@Grim and HuntMaster
I agree with you both. There are a lot of us that still do not accept the N word no matter what letter it ends with because it means nothing but to degrade a person of color. It is a racial slur no matter how you spin it or how popular it has become in today's rap music.

I do not take offense of the word like most because it's just a word but I do not want my friends, strangers or even family members coming up to me and saying: "What's up N****?" Like it's some new found greeting. Its not. But guess what somepeople said when Obama got elected...and it was not meant in a nice and friendly way either.

But like the Swastika. Where something good was turned into something ugly. The younger generation is trying to turn something ugly, into something good. But no matter how you look at it, ugly will always be ugly...when hatred still exist. We are improving but there is still a lot of work to be done and I am not talking about just in America a lone. Hatred needs to end all over this world.
N4Flamers  +   2625d ago
man grrim
I guess you dont watch alot of kat williams. nah but what does SMH stand for? my guess suck my hamster, am i close?
lokiroo420  +   2625d ago
dumbasses nintendo didnt put it in the game, the 14 media persons did, they said to each other and the most used phrases stayed in, and this was not a retail game, just the 14 given out to those people, maybe try reading before you comment, jamie im sure your parents willl tell you that also.
geda  +   2625d ago
i would prefer that you don't call me a dumbass thanks
Sayai jin  +   2625d ago
Speechless. Ninty you are better than this.
borgome  +   2625d ago
fiercescuba  +   2625d ago
People why annoy you...
Oh... its Naggers.
borgome  +   2625d ago
Thats a great episode.
va_bank  +   2625d ago
nearly spit out my sandwich... :))))
Also a Dave Chapelle episode "The Niggar Family" comes to mind. Funny stuff.
pwnsause  +   2625d ago
Blink_44  +   2625d ago
People are so immature.
borgome  +   2625d ago
Hey, its a wigger in your avatar.
fiercescuba  +   2624d ago
Immature haha.

So says the Vanilla Ice Avatar.

Douche Douche Baby...
SKINS4LIFE  +   2625d ago
Jeebus  +   2625d ago
The low res thumbnail
made me read the sheep's name as "Boobara" until I looked closer and realized it was "Baabara"....either way, I got a chuckle from my momentary dyslexia.
zerolinkgannon  +   2625d ago
Just when you think nintendo isn't hardcore get hit with this type of news lol. But on topic....Wow, totally unexpected. That's all I gotta say
SRuN4  +   2625d ago
Let's just put it this way, if this was a Sony exclusive this would be the end of the world. Sony would never live this down, yet this is Nintendo so everyone gives them a slap on the wrist.
joevfx  +   2625d ago
ugh , what has this world coem to..
peopel offended by a word. I freakign word, that some random human made up. its a bunch of symbols put next to each other, that have obsolutely no real meaning. Like this, Beekalbub, ok i just invesnted that word, who is offended?

everyone just has to stop being babies and stop caring what other peopel mean or think. America is just becoming a bunch of Beekalbubs
Neo Nugget  +   2625d ago

My lawyer is on speed dial.
Neo Nugget  +   2625d ago
You guys know Nintendo didn't put this in the game right?
Someone else did when the animal wanted their catchphrase changed.
N4Flamers  +   2625d ago
bubbles for you
i think you and me are in the minority on this one. It doesnt seem like people here have the ability to read the freaking article. Personaly i thought it was funny, all most as funny as the u r mr gay thing. Man people nintendo did not put it in, ugh.
theEnemy  +   2625d ago

How are you n**ga?
SprayandPreycom  +   2625d ago
i dont know which is nastier the dead goat or the guy with the goat fur standing in front of it must be a european thing ...
likedamaster  +   2625d ago
Oh, please! That didn't seem offensive at all. I'm not surprised it got this much attention, well with the overly sensitive "niggas" out there, what did you expect? I speak like that all the time, chill out! It's cool to have it in a game like that... it's true, we need to improve our language every day and better our vocabulary but to be soo uptight about it is another thing altogether. Gee wiz.
KrimsonKody  +   2625d ago
Ninty crew is not too familiar with many terms. But for some reason, this made me think about how you could'nt use certain words in Soul Caliber 3, like pu$$y. And it's OFFline!
Now Animal Crossing, I would have never thought (-_-)
#29 (Edited 2625d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
TrevorPhillips  +   2625d ago
N word oh oh thats not good
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