UK to get unfair share of PS3s?

Great Britain is scheduled to get 220,000 PS3 consoles on the European launch day. That's a whopping 22% of available stock. And it's a lot more than North America saw on it's own launch day. Were not sure how a little island gets more than a whole continent, but were sure it has something to do with the Queen's rumored obsession with video games (especially GTA3). While other European nations are calling for a "PlayStation 3 party" to intercept and dump the British PS3s overboard, we ask for patience. More PS3 will arrive shortly.

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Marty83704302d ago

Uk is a huge market for Sony,and always have been.

Sphinx4301d ago

"Fair" doesn't matter. The UK may save the PS3.

DJ4301d ago

I don't see anything wrong with it.

sandip7874301d ago

it makes up for the months we've missed out on it!

Marriot VP4301d ago

what do you expect, them to hold back PS3's to make it seem more fair.

ER1X4300d ago (Edited 4300d ago )

Nothing unfair about this at all, IMO.

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