Is Silent Hill canceled?

Konami's Gamers' Day has come and gone. While PSP gamers are certainly happy by the surprise announcement of an exclusive Castlevania, there is one game that was suspiciously missing: Silent Hill: Origins. The game had a very impressive debut, but ever since rumors of troubled development came about, the game has mysteriously disappeared from public eye.

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PS360WII4334d ago

It's unfortunate to say the leasts. Any new game that's not a port always seems to fall off the radar or just is never talked of again.

If you hadn't noticed they still never gave a date for crisis core and that game has been known about forever now...

Dlacy13g4334d ago

The "earth shattering news" was Castlevania having an exclusive on the PSP? Hmmm....I guess that was big news...but honestly kind of a let down. It's really hard for me to get excited about ANY handheld game. Sure they may be fun, but they just dont pack the impact of a full fledged game. Oh well....

grifter0244334d ago

Ya whats up this is the "Breaking news"???? that is kinda of a let down.. wow konami good job all the suspence and then They better not let silent hill get canned.. That game is a AAA title come on gotta get that game onto the market.. For all 3 consoles.. holy crap hopefully itll come out.