1UP: Destroy All Humans: Path of the Furon Review

Some will likely fight the flaws for another chance to terrorize their '70s-era brethren, but if the name "Crypto" doesn't bring to mind a litany of past quips, Furon will simply seem like an out-of-touch, thoroughly unpolished romp through mediocrity.

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PirateThom3512d ago

Another triple A title from THQ.

TheColbertinator3512d ago

THQ will win best developer of the year next to Spark Unlimited and Square Enix/Cavia

Darkseider3512d ago

The good news is that it is exclusive to the 360 in NA! Can't imagine why THQ is closing down five of its' studios this year, Sandblast the studio that made this turd, being one of them.

rhood0223512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

Oh god..I can't believe that I, as a PS3 owner in NA, will not get to play this obviously fantastic game....


Sorry. I usually try to stay above the fanboy bull, but the way the 360 fanboys were going on about this game being canceled for the PS3 and some even calling it a "sleeper hit", this score (which any thinking person saw coming) is just funny.

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