Shock! ESRB rates more PS1 downloadables

PSPFanboy: Maybe Sony hasn't completely given up on releasing PS1 games for download onto PS3/PSP. The sharp eyes of David B. discovered two new games added to the ESRB database: Rayman 2 and Medal of Honor. While we're pretty certain the latter hasn't aged too well, we're more than glad at a chance to play Rayman 2 again.

Of course, we have to remember -- just because the ESRB has rated a game doesn't mean it'll release any time soon.

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CloudsEnd3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

Delete this please!

PoSTedUP3392d ago


lets get some games actually worth the 5 bucks, like, dave mirras BMX maybe? or, wu tang sholin style? just my opinion...

Radiodread3392d ago

hell yah. Cash, fools, everything around me CREAM get tha money! dolla dolla bill yall

sinncross3392d ago

So Rayman was a PS1 game after all...

makes sense.. i doubt Sony wud start ps2 downloads with Rayman...