Game Informer: Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars Review

Mushroom Men has a few things going for it, like cool characters and clever sound design. Unfortunately, none of the good stuff has any bearing on the gameplay, which is a total mess.

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BrotherNick3485d ago

Review seems too short. It is your standard platform game with some changes. I still want to rent this.

Captain_Sony3485d ago

Never pay any attention to a game informer review for a Wii game. They flat out hate the Wii and take every chance they can to make it look bad. They constantly review multi platform games and only include the Wii when its like GHWT. otherwise they act like it doesnt exist. They refuse to even mention some Wii games, they want their readers to think it is all Wii Music and nothing else. They openly admit their hate as well. Only they say its Nintendo's fault they hate it. Its a mag that has to be given away before anyone will read it.