Sneak Peek: Netgear EVA9000 Digital Entertainer Elite

Ehomeupgrade: I can just see the marketing folks at Netgear screaming: "Nooooooo." Unfortunately, for Netgear their EVA9000 FCC filing documents have been compromised (in other words: they have been discovered and made public without their consent) and are now making the rounds around the Internet. I guess I won't have to sign an NDA for Netgear's December 9th pre-CES private unveiling in San Francisco.

In any case, the beans have been spilt on the Netgear EVA9000 Digital Entertainer Elite and the mess sure looks nice. Highlights: the beefed up media streamer now offers an internal SATA 3.5-inch hard drive slot (for local storage and progressive video downloads), 802.11n wireless, 40Mbps bit rate support for 1080p HD video playback, UPnP A/V, and media format support superior to Apple TV, Media Center Extender, or the Xbox 360 (comparison chart below). Lets just say it's going to be a force to be reckoned with and a soon to be favorite of online content providers everywhere.

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