Big Download Interview: True Games talks about Mytheon

As Big Download reported this morning, developer Petroglyph has teamed up with publisher True Games Interactive to release Mytheon, an upcoming micro-transaction based MMO game that's a mix of action, strategy and RPG. It's a big change for Petroglyph, the Las Vegas based company made up in part of former members of the now defunct Westwood Studios. The developer has released two traditional RTS retail games in its short life, the acclaimed Star Wars: Empire at War for publisher LucasArts and more recently the Sega published Universe at War: Earth Assault.

Before today's official announcement, Big Download got a chance to ask questions about the game to Peter Cesario, the director of product development at True Games. While they and Petroglyph are still keeping a number of details to themselves for now about Mytheon Cesario did give them some more info about the title than what was in this morning's press release.

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