Wii's Remarkable 2008: $60 Mil in US alone? 360 Paints Black Friday Green

Jacob Stutsman of SmashPad writes:

"For Nintendo, the rich keep getting richer. After a series of record breaking months, Forbes reports that Nintendo is set to shatter the Playstation 2's best selling year of 2003. The Wii, with over 6 million units sold so far this year, could sell as many as nine or ten million consoles this year in the US alone.

Unlike Microsoft and Sony, Nintendo makes a profit of $6 on every Wii sold. Some quick math tells us that at $6 each, Nintendo could rake in $60 million dollars this year from the United States alone in just Wii hardware sales."

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mjones19943514d ago

Why the hell wii's sell so well my wii has collected a thick layer of dust.

CrashSpyro1233514d ago

It endures with casual players. Over the thanksgiving weekend I still had family wanted to buy and play it. We did - Wii Sports...again - and they were completely caught up in it.

AnthonyPerez3514d ago

My cousin told me the exact same thing on the way to our uncle's house for Thanksgiving. He said he pulled the Wii out of the closet in order to bring it and had to literally blow dust off of the top.

It certainly isn't a hardcore console, but it's still selling.

AlexQuevedo3514d ago

Perhaps you should put it back in the box for storage next time ;-)

AAACE53513d ago

For real gamers, the Wii doesn't matter!

I have never been to someone's house and had them ask me if I wanted to play the Wii! I have been asked to play Ps3 and 360... but I don't think alot of people focus too much on the Wii.

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AmpedMan3514d ago

The Wii is just beastly. I sold mine though. I just couldn't take the damn gaming droughts and I didn't want to bother lugging it to my new apartment. I sold it to a coworker while they were still hard to find for a nice little bundle and bought MGS4 and DMC4 with the money.

Gammbit3514d ago

The Wii doesn't have the games to be someone's main system, but it is great for just chillin with some family and people who aren't TOO into games. It's great to have fun with them and with a girlfriend, so it's no surprise it still has that appeal.

slugg3514d ago

Is that the money they make on console sales is just a drop in the bucket compared to software and accessories. Think about it-- they come out with things like wii fit, mario cart, links crossbow training, all games that come with an accessory and therefore cost more that a game alone, and people buy that stuff like hotcakes. The scary thing is that if the Wii keeps going like this, who knows what Sony and Microsoft will do with their next systems? --shiver--

techwizz3514d ago

I think we're going to see a slow progression of these casuals to more immersive, hardcore games. I've known some people who've gotten tired of the casual Wii kind of games and have asked me what I suggest they get for more hardcore kinds of games (obviously they haven't used that word, just more involving types of games).

Unfortunately the Wii doesn't really satisfy that need, so in time I think a lot of those people may go to the PS3 or 360. Wii will still have a big audience, but it doesn't make the hardcores bad customers to target. Hell, we buy the most games.

FilippoDinolfo3514d ago

That is pretty insane actually. $60 million? On only hardware? Only in the US? I could imagine what that number looks like with all of the other regions like Canada (yay), Europe, Japan, Australia, etc...

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