GameShark: LittleBigPlanet--The best game that I'll never play

GameShark writes: "Sitting atop a pile of massive fall releases this year, among a glut of shooters, rhythm games, and casual family-friendly titles; ultra-polished or not, is Sony and Media Molecule's quirky platformer/game editor LittleBigPlanet. Despite a seemingly draconian copyright protection policy, and more than a few hiccups with servers, critics and random gamers alike have praised the game to high heaven.

It seems that everywhere I go these days (well, online, anyway) I hear about how amazing LittleBigPlanet is. It's apparently one of the greatest, most revolutionary games/communities every to grace the medium of gaming. It's a grand experiment in creativity and exploration and expression. It's a fantastic, fun, beautiful, and infinitely customizable experience."

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Janitor3367d ago

I have LBP but haven't played it since I got R2.Seriously people,the online blows any other game out of the water

Dark_Overlord3367d ago

Same here, although I did pick up Valkria chronicles 2 days ago and its bloody addictive