Ars Review: Lips is a surprisingly potent party game

Ars writes: "It wouldn't be entirely unfair to call Microsoft's karaoke title Lips something of a hard sell. From the moment the title was first unveiled at E3 this year, there has been a generally underwhelming air around the title. Now that we've had some extended hands-on time with the game, though, it's clear that Microsoft's inaugural effort isn't as bad as some have made it out to be and has a few choice features that could make it the home karaoke game of choice in a world dominated by Singstar.

At its core, Lips truly is the Microsoft-branded Singstar experience that it initially seemed to be. At the most basic level, you have a set list of 50 or so songs out of the box (and more for purchase) that you can sing, and the game scores you on how well you perform. The default set list is a modest collection of tracks, with highlights including "Take on Me," "Bust a Move," and "Young Folks"-it's mostly pop from the ages, though there are other tracks from bands like Weezer, The Ramones, and Nirvana to mix things up. Songs play with a number of visual options, including the original music video or a host of other computer-generated ones (including a few that are actually mini-games). There isn't necessarily a goal of the game other than enjoying score-based karaoke, though an overall ranking does give you some incentive to play on. "

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