First look at Visuals in GTA IV PC Version

After trying out GTA IV on a decent gaming system, it seems the visuals don't seem all that impressive. A lot of people have been complaining that the shadowing seems to be at fault.

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IllusionRSN3391d ago

From what I've heard I believe it's Rockstar Toronto that was the release hub for this, and as many of you recall they released Bully with tons of errors. I'm sure a patch will soon follow this release.

phosphor1123391d ago

I've never seen a PC port that looked so bad...

user94220773391d ago

So much hype surrounding the PC version of this game.

3391d ago
DooRentZs3391d ago

Wow..looks flop! & it's gonna be pirated like hell. LoL @ PC gamer, pathetic.

mjones19943391d ago

I though everyone who loved the gta seris would have brough it on console

Avto3391d ago

The shadow thing I think it's a problem related to ATI cards and not NVIDIA ones, and I think they can fix it with a patch.

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