Report: 190 million console owners by 2012

Approximately 190 million households worldwide will own a next-generation console by 2012, a new report has claimed.

According to research by technology analysts TDG, around 148 million of these console owners will also have their machine connected to the internet.

The figures suggest that 110 million next-generation consoles will be signed up to use multimedia and gaming services from Xbox Live, the PlayStation Network or Nintendo's Wii Online by 2012.

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meepmoopmeep3517d ago

get your gaming in before the world ends

Danja3517d ago

lol..that 1st comment actually made me laugh...

YoMeViet3517d ago

Wii is a next-gen console? heh, who knew.

Danja3517d ago

of-course it may not have HD graphics , but the Wii has changed the way that ppl normally played brought something new to the table..that set it apart from the PS3/360 which makes it next gen also.....

Fishy Fingers3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

Technically, it's current gen along with the PS3 and 360. I don't get it, when the next-gen became the current gen why do we carry on calling it next gen (that make sense?)?

TheColbertinator3517d ago

@Fishy Fingers

I think its because the PS2 is still around and games like Guitar Hero and Madden make the PS2 still relevant

Fishy Fingers3517d ago

I guess so, but with there only being one remaining console of that generation, surely that's last gen? I just always found it somewhat strange, next gen to me now, means PS4, 720 and Wii-HD. But I guess at least I know what people are referring to when they say next gen. Just seems like a weird label.

No biggy, just me.

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Fishy Fingers3517d ago

That's a lot of consoles. Shouldn't have any problems finding buddies to play with online with 110 million of them :)

Nikkelz3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

citing the current market trends and the fact that 70's and early 80's babies are in they're late 20's and 30's now and are the voice of a generation i believe that the number will be closer to 180 million consoles with about 130 million being connected to the Internet albeit not necessarily gaming but as free global Internet takes off(with countries already doing the initial roll-out)i could see people using the consoles as a web device for news and email(especially the web-enabled consoles)being that most if not all free Internet will be in the 1 to 2 Mb range,this might be the end all be all for argument that consoles just aren't capable of casual productivity involving gamers and non gamers alike...whew

anyway,peace and game on

oh and my new york giants are 11-1...and im starting to get really excited(i think im starting to smell a repeat)

DiabloRising3517d ago

Nice to see the industry growing. I hope devs keep making quality titles as this hobby becomes more mainstream and less "dorky" through the years... more socially accepted.

I hope internet/online gaming grows and becomes even more ingrained in system development. Our online in the US is suffering compared to the world, and the dream of lag free gaming is one I want to see realized!!

GG to Sony, Nintendo, and MS for keeping this industry alive, and to all the hardworking developers.

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The story is too old to be commented.