Sackbook: The LittleBigPlanet social network Sony should have built

Today sees the arrival of a new community-built website that truly shows us what Sony should have created when producing a community site to support Media Molecule's fantastic work developing the game.

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Johnny Rotten3431d ago

I didn't sign up yet but that looks awesome!

Muppetmeat3431d ago

Good idea. Except that we forget there are only a couple million LBP players out there. Figure, generously, that only 20% of them care enough to go and visit a social networking site for gamers (virgin losers), and that of those 20%, only half are going to care enough to visit the site more than once.

It's a good idea, but the demographic is WAY too small for it to go anywhere. It's like a facebook only open to people who were born in October 1985.

tonynibbles3431d ago

Isn't that the future of social networks? Niche networks? It's why sites like Ning and Elgg exist.

20% of a 'couple of million' as you say is rather a lot of people.

Besides, if there was no real point in it, why did Sony spend and money (unlike the guy who built Sackbook) time building their 'Little Big Workshop', which is a bit lame in comparison...

Blademask3431d ago (Edited 3431d ago )

(virgin losers)

lol bubbles.

But if you haven't noticed. I think sony believes their terrible blog = community.

tonynibbles3431d ago

What's up the attitude? Jesus. '(virgin losers)'? I was probably using the internet before you were even born.

I agree though, it's sad that SCEA seem to think that a blog is about as far as their web presence and online community should extend to. I can't help thinking that established big business doesnt really understand the web right now.